3 Wireless Gadgets You Need Now

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Techies might disagree over the PC versus Mac debate or the merits of cloud computing, but one thing we almost always unite on is our hatred of wires. Cables and power supplies seem to breed and tangle without us ever going near them – it’s time we embrace more wireless technologies.

Here are our top picks of up-and-coming wireless technologies that you should adopt today:

1. Wireless printers

Although wireless printers have started to penetrate the mainstream market in recent years, many people are still suspect of the technology and its performance. However, there are many reliable models on the market today that offer a host of advantages, such as the HP Photosmart 6520.

One of the main benefits is that you can print from any computer on the network without switching around USBs. This means you can place the device wherever is most convenient – rather than having it take up precious space on your desk – and print from any room in the house.

Of course, given you have a connection, you will even be able to print from miles away. Purchase a compatible Wi-Fi camera too, and you can have your holiday snaps printed and ready to view before you return home – just make sure you use quality photo paper and ink for the best results. Cartridge Discount offers ink compatible with almost any printer, at low prices and with free UK delivery.wireless-printers

2. Wireless earphones

Earphone cords are notorious for getting tangled, and the cord banging against your body can compromise sound quality when you’re on the move – there are huge advantages to wireless earphones. Wireless headphones have been on the market for a while, but wireless earphones are just emerging, with the technology only just becoming both practical and affordable.

DENON Exercise Freak earphones connect to Bluetooth devices, such as your smartphone, and deliver fantastic sound quality without a cord. Conveniently staying charged for up to seven hours, they are a fantastic option if you love listening to music, audiobooks or podcasts on the go.logitech-freepulse-wireless-headphones

3. Wireless keyboard and mouse

Your desk is often the worst culprit when it comes to tangled wires and cables, so eliminating as many as possible is key to a harmonious workspace. A cheap and simple way to eliminate two cords is with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

You will find a large selection for PCs, Macs and tablets on the Logitech site, alongside wireless speakers – just make sure the accessories you choose are compatible with your computer, and look out for a good battery life.wireless-keyboard-and-mouse

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