4 Best Features of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i

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Just by talking about Sony Ericsson, everyone’s attention goes on the latest mobiles launched by it. The latest model launched by this company is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, which is full of latest features, having advanced operating system, many multimedia capabilities and the best user interface. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will definitely attract you with its impressive features and fast internal speed, efficient call quality and excellent display.

Before taking this handset, have a look on the various features of X10 which are explained below:

1.)    Timescape

This is an excellent feature for X10 users. By using this feature whenever you create an account on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and email then the tweets and messages will be displayed very nicely and in organized manner. This whole function will solely dependent on Timescape that provide you excellent facility of viewing your messages, emails, tweets, notifications without any complications. Swipe with your finger and you can see the whole conversation with your friend on the home screen. You can easily sort out your feeds and change your status. Timescape has everything to entertain you like a Poker game.

2.)    Camera

Sony Ericsson offers lots of awesome choices for their valued users in multimedia portion. Users love camera and music facilities. So the company has included camera with 8.1 MP and the LED flash option available. Various graceful modes are also incorporated like night mode, portrait and landscape. Some other options are also included like spot metering, geo-tagging, brightness meter, autofocus, digital zoom, self timer, smile detection, face detection and four white balance settings. Beside these, it is also included with image stabilization features and 720pixel resolution of HD video recording.

3.)     Interface

New X10 is available with UXP or user experience platform. UXP interface offers lots of facilities to make the users comfortable. UXP interface masks Android 1.6 version operating system. The working of it has already shown up by the designers that it will run like MotoBlur on your handset. Sony Ericson has also developed a new font style named “Soma” for UXP. It works will to combine your contacts, messages and alerts and directly pass to the Timescape.

4.)    Performance

X10 is packed with 1GHz Snapdragon processor and because of this processor all the applications of X10 opens smoothly without showing any lagging. Using this processor will make everything runs faster in this mobile. So, it can be easily concluded regarding the good performance of this phone. Data is supported with worldwide 3G bands, so its performance is also good. Furthermore, the call and the sound quality are also good.

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