6 Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Your iPhone

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Every single user must be well aware of the pros and cons of using the Apple’s iphone. After using, what I feel is its battery is the weak point of this phone. The percentage of the battery continuously decreases with every single use. Albeit iphone provides the best new features, games, apps which cannot be controlled without exploring. But the main headache of every user is to save battery as maximum as possible for the use of the whole day. Iphone battery can be maximum 100% charged but it gradually reduces according to the usage. To get out of this problem, Apple has taken some steps to fix this up.


Let us explore those few simple tricks that can avail the extra battery backup.

1.)    Switch off all the wireless apps if not in use

All latest smart phones have inbuilt wireless applications like wi-fi, bluetooth connectivity etc. So, it is recommended to turn off all these features when they don’t need to use. These features finish off the iphone battery very fast. So, turn them off will save your iphone battery life for few more hours. 3G features also takes up huge battery as it does not work without battery so if you don’t have much need of 3G then switch it off and you will save battery life for many hours.

2.)    Lower the Screen brightness when you are in Light

Turn on the auto brightness feature of your iphone. This will adjust the required back light automatically. Moreover, you can manually set the brightness feature of the home screen. If not required then by lowering this brightness you can save your battery backup. One can prefer 49% brightness to keep the iphone battery.

3.)    End up the background apps when not in use

Background applications are technically not running when they are not in use. So they don’t take any power. And the applications like VoIP and Skype need not be turned on unless they are in use. So, it’s better to shut them off.

4.)    Put in low temperature

Low temperature will save your iphone. Sometimes while charging we feel the temperature is excessive high than it should be, please remove the phone cover and then charge it. It will also contribute to save your battery life. Try to put your iphone on the table or in open places instead of in pocket. The recommended temperature for iphone is in between 32 degree Fahrenheit To 95 degree Fahrenheit.

5.)    Prefer Solar chargers

If your battery is sinking then you can use solar chargers to charge your iphone battery from anywhere. It is highly recommended that charge the iphone battery when it is completely empty to 0%.

6.)    Use it Frequently and change the battery after 6 months

Though iphone is something very special but don’t think to save it from daily use. Keeping it unused can’t save it for a long time but it will also eat up its battery life. So enjoy the use of this phone and change the battery after every 6 months.

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