A 3-in-1 USB Hub-huBox

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USB hubs are so incredibly common that they really have to have an angle to actually make it in this world.  Despite that this hub at first glance on someone’s desk would just look like a square with hubs around it, this one offers more than it would initially appears.  The white top of it actually opens up and makes for convenient storage of your smaller devices.

On the outside it offers a few spots to plug in your USB gadgets or various USB drives.  Then it also has an SD card reader.  When you’re not using your SD card or USB drives you could always just store them within the hub itself.  It measures 10 by 10 by 5cm.  It has a total of 3 USB ports and 1 memory card slot that has a maximum of 480 Mbps transfer speed.  It’s supposed to be appearing very soon on GeekStuff4U.  As of now it doesn’t appear that there’s a whole lot of information on the price.


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