A Closer Look on the Most Popular Wii Games

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Wii is one of the most preferred gaming consoles these days and there are many games from which you can choose. These are very exciting games that you can present someone as a Christmas gift or a birthday gift. Or you may buy some fantastic games for your own Wii. This article discusses about some of the most exciting Wii games that you can consider as a gift or for playing yourself. These are some of the top Wii games.

Best Wii Games

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess– It is certainly one of the bets Wii games that you can opt for. The game is truly exceptional in its own way and has a fresh storyline where the focus is on Link. You will get to see in this game a larger and more open world than what it was previously, and the new controls make the experience even more enjoyable. This game should definitely be one of your options when you are looking to buy Wii games.
  • Super Mario Galaxy– It is a known fact that the Wii system was bought by many people mainly for playing the “Wii Sports Games”. However, you surely cannot ignore “Super Mario Galaxy”, a very cool Wii game. The game has a beautiful platform and is a lot of fun. You will have a great deal of fun spinning, jumping and floating in the galaxy. Those who love playing Mario should surely give this game a try. IGN.com has given the “Game of the Year” award to this game.


  • Wii Fit Plus– This game is surely to be considered as one of the best among all the Wii games. The game is not very expensive. It is a great option for those people who like working out at home. There are various included in this game such as yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance games. It helps players to be at their fittest best without having to hit the gym.
  • Wii Sports– This is certainly one of the most prefer gaming options in Wii. There are some fantastic sports games in this which you can play alone or with your family. They are thoroughly enjoyable. There are many sports games options from which you can choose. These include boxing, baseball, bowling, tennis and golf. The mini games can certainly make you more interested about the versions that have the full games.
  • Punch Out!!” This game is very simple. However, it has gone through certain expansions for Wii and has now become more exciting than the real version. You can enjoy features like motion control, can give some real life swings, and you will see some new as well as old opponents. There is a mode where two players can play. This enables you to have a competition between friends.

It can be concluded that irrespective of whom you are purchasing the game for, a family member, a friend or for you, it is good to buy the best one. You can be sure that if you buy any one of the Wii games mentioned above, it is bound to be a hit.


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