A rival to Apple Ipad-German WePad

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WePad-The Apple Ipad Rival.Apple Ipad just after months of being launched…has got its Real Rival and the rival this time comes for Germany…

WePad,the product of the German Company launched it in a press conference amidst telling “It is not, however, an “iPad killer” as it has been dubbed by some blogs but can be an alternative to the Ipad

WePad however claims to have bigger screen,A Webcam and usb ports for better functionality.

Neofonie GmbH’s founder and managing director Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen said,the WePad doesnt need any particular software to play the music as the Apple Ipad needs the particular Software like iTunes to tune into music. and Two USB ports allow users to connect all kinds of devices with the WePad, from external keyboards to data sticks.

The WePad will be available in two versions:-

Basic version:-16GB Storage,Wi-Fi wil cost you 449 Euros where as the Second version will have 32 GB storage ,Faster 3G modem at the cost of 569 Euros.

The product with11.6 inches display and Intel Processors will be on Linux/Android and will be having a open source Office package too!

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