Acer launches Timeline X range…..

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With the market full of laptops ,netbooks nd pads,Acer came out with its latest ultralight,ultraslim range of laptops.
Acer Timeline X series..
This new Timeline X series boasts stunning design, as well, as great laptop performance. The Timeline X models feature new slick aluminium interior design with a touch of glazed, smooth black face. Armed with the new 2010 Intel Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3 processors, the Acer Aspire Timeline X laptop series are the pinnacle of aesthetic beauty and optimal performance.
Aside from the design, the Acer Aspire Timeline X laptop series aim to provide efficiency, long battery life and performance. The Timeline X series definitely answer the needs and wants of a mobile individual. Whether you’ll be using it to play computer games, create multimedia projects or accomplish other tasks, the Acer Aspire Timeline X laptops can definitely handle all of these.

Furthermore, the Aspire Timeline X models offer a long battery life. The Timline X laptops can survive to about eight to twelve hours of continuous usage. This is because of the new PowerSmart software incorporated into these models. Moreover, the low-power cooling fans, LED-backlit displays and Intel’s DPST aids this machine in providing extended performance for prolonged use.

It was with great difficulty that a dealer helped me explore one,and believe in me,it was a pleasure using this peice of machine.
The one I used was an i5,4GB,5ooGB system.and it was fun.
And at just 2.5 kgs and 1.1 mm thickness,it would give the mainstream laptops a run for the money.

Although priced at Rs. 49000 with taxes,may sound a bit expensive,but its worth it….

Slim and sleek design
1GB ATI redeon graphics
Dolby surround sound
Long battery back up


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