Advantages of Windows 7

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reverse_cell_phone_lookupWindows 7 is the latest Microsoft operating system in July 2009. It has improved the performance of the computer system. Incorporates new features and functions. Users of laptops and were given no choice but to switch to Windows Vista after Windows XP. In this draft, we will read about why Microsoft Windows 7 is considered better than Microsoft Vista and how the user can optimize the satisfaction factor to a significant degree. You should also read on computer support for troubleshooting Windows 7.

Windows 7 has become the choice for home users and high end are looking for the best operating system. Now let’s discuss why Windows 7 is considered better in Windows Vista and more than Windows XP.

The time taken for Windows 7 to boot is much more than that taken by Vista and XP, especially when large files have to be transferred. The latest operating system is better than Windows Vista and Windows XP when it comes to small and heavy opening Excel files and PDF worksheet. When a window 7 compares with Windows Vista, we find that the User Account Control creates many problems. The best feature of Windows 7 is that it offers advanced support for multiple graphics cards vary from several vendors and computer users will not obstruct the face and swelling problems faced by users of Windows Vista. Apart from these Windows 7 has many advanced features such as consolidated icon to activate the firewall, Windows Defender and set of windows that can be customized by computer users. Even with regard to home networks Windows 7 is considered better than Vista and XP. In fact, Microsoft has enhanced the latest version of Windows 7 after being criticized by the features of Vista and XP version.

However, the version of Windows 7 also may face many problems. In fact, each operating system can find many problems and Windows 7 can not be regarded as an exception. However, problems can be solved right away, opting for professional services PC Support. The best option is to go for help computer online services and online support for PC. As computer technology services support affordable and accessible, these services are becoming more and more popular.

If you are a computer novice and would like to benefit from these services from search engines like Google, you must enter words like “computer support service,” “computer-aided technology” or “computer-assisted on-line and get directed to a reliable computer support service provider. You can perform a detailed market research to make the comparison between service providers.

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