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Green poison is not something you can give to your enemy and give him sleepless nights, although you can if your enemy is Apple. This is software for jail breaking your idevices. Jailbreaking your idevice means using software that is not Apple verified. There are many amazing applications which are not in the Apple app store. For installing these you will need to ‘jailbreak’ your idevice. You can use your iPod touch, iPhone as a TV remote once you jailbreak it. And this is just the starting. There are many cool things you can do with your jailbreak device. Read on.

There are two types of jailbreaking which can be done. Tethered and untethered. In tethered jailbreaking, you would have to connect your iPhone to the computer every time you want to reboot your device. In untethered jailbreaking, you don’t have to connect your device to the computer every time you want to reboot your device. Green Poison can be used to jailbreak iPod classic, touch. It can also jailbreak iPhone, iPad. The latest release of green poison which is the Green poison Jailbreak RC5 can crack iOS 4.2.1. It is untethered on Mac and Windows. It can jailbreak iPhone 4 3GS, iPod touch 4 3G, 2G and even iPad without the requirement of 4.2b3 SHSH Blobs.

They have tweeted about releasing the new untethered Greenpoison RC 6.2 which call jailbreak all devices except iPad 2. These can jailbreak iOS 4.3.3. And rumor mill is abuzz that they are working on a ‘poison’ especially for iPad 2.

‘Poisoning’ your idevice:
Download Greenpoison RC5 for our system. Start the application. Connect your idevice and switch it off. On your system’s screen, you will see a Jailbreak button on the app, click on it. Follow the instructions and put your device in DFU Mode.
Follow the instructions carefully; you will see a box appear that will ask you to press sleep and home buttons in intervals. When your idevice will go in DFU mode, it will start the process of jailbreaking automatically. Some codes may appear on your idevice, don’t be alarmed.

After the process is complete, press the loader icon in your device, and install Cydia. Your idevice is now jailbroken successfully. And now you are ready to install all the apps which you only dreamt of using earlier. And your iPhone will now work in so many amazing ways.

Jailbreaking your idevice will nullify the warranty. Though there are no hardware changes, Apple has strict rules that it will not consider the device in warranty if jailbreaked. US users will feel lucky because jailbreaking is allowed in US, although same can not be said of other countries around the world. So, do remember that what you are doing may be termed as ‘illegal’.

If you like your phone to work as you like, do what you want it to. And if you live living life not caring much about ‘oh-I-jailbreak-my-device-officer-arrest-me’, then go out and have some fun.

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