Alternatives to Your Cell Phone

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It is important to have a reliable mode of communication wherever you happen to be. If you are in the wilderness on a camping trip, you want to make sure that you can call for help if you are involved in a forest fire or you are lost while hiking in the woods. For those who are in the military, it may not always be possible to get to a pay phone or use their own cell phone to call for backup.

This means that using Satelite phones by SatPhoneCity could be the difference between getting out of danger with help and having to find your own way out of a potentially dangerous situation. Even if your own cell phone does work, there is no guarantee that you can get a good reception or that your cell phone’s battery won’t run out while making the call.

After a bad storm, it may not be possible to use a cell phone even in a crowded area because cell towers have been knocked down for miles. Although landline telephones may still be available, the volume of calls that may come in to emergency service lines may cause busy signals for a long time. Being able to make a secure phone call from wherever you are can get help to you whether you are in your home or trapped in an office under rubble.

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