Amazing for the business people, Nokia E7

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After releasing the new Nokia N900 and N97 Mini, the Finnish biggest cell phone producer is back with the newest release of the new smart phone. This new smart phone will bring the stylish form factor using slide QWERTY keypad. This cell phone will aim at the market of business people by bearing the E code in its name. This new smart phone is called as the Nokia E7.  From its form, we will see that this new released cell phone is the newest version of the Nokia N8 with QWERTY keypad. We can actually say that. However, there will be a lot of differences from both cell phones. The first thing is that the target market from the cell phone. While the Nokia N8 is aimed at the all around consumer, the E7 will aim at the business market. It will be well suited for people who demand the technology of smart phone which will support their business job.


The next thing which is different from the previous N8 is that the camera. The camera which is implanted in the N8 has brought the technology of 8 mega pixel camera. This will enable user to capture their precious moment in a high resolution using the cell phone. However, the new E7 will not have that much mega pixel to capture the precious moment of the user. The cell phone, as it is meant to be for the professional people, is only supported by a 8 mega pixel camera. This is due to the fact that the cell phone is meant to be for the professional who do not really care with how much mega pixel the camera has but the ability of the cell phone.

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