An Understanding of Computer Networking with New Technology Cables

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With the invention of network cables, you could easily connect two or more computers or any other device, in order to share important data, videos, and documents. Twisted pair, Optical fiber, and coaxial cable are some of the highly used ones. You could use them depending upon the protocol and network topology.

Purpose of developing twisted wirings

Under the twisted cabling, two conductors are twisted together. This cancels the electromagnetic interference from any kind of external source. You could use them for home or corporate Ethernet network connection. They are available in three types namely, unshielded, foiled, and shielded pairs.

An optical fiber is designed from a glass core walled by many layers of protective substances. The outermost layer is designed from insulating substance like PVC or Teflon. These are used for transmitting light, somewhat other than electronic signals. It has solved the issue of electrical interference, which was one of the major concerns earlier. You can purchase them in different lengths. Though they are expensive, they are capable of transmitting data over longer distances.


There are few advantages of using fiber optical wirings-

  • Unlike copper, they don’t experience signal loss. They increase the clarity and thus are much preferred by telephone companies.
  • They are efficient in providing high resistance to electromagnetic noise.

How are coaxial wiring designed

Coaxial lines inside the cable confine the electromagnetic waves between the conductors and shield only. Dielectric fitted inside the cable transmits the energy inside the line. You could easily bend or twist them. They are basically used for signals with bandwidth of multiple megahertz like television. Advanced coaxial cables could be used for high speed home network connections.

You could connect different optical or electronic devices using patch cable. It provides a very fast connection speed. Their average length is approximately 2- 2.5 meters.

Some of the advantages of the networking cables are enlisted below-

  • It helps in speeding up the data transfer. It saves time and increases the overall productivity of the company.
  • You could make any kind of changes in both voice and data cables, without disrupting the work flow
  • You could easily remove and reinstall them as and when required. They are flexible and cost efficient, when compared to others
  • They help in designing, organizing and maintaining procedures in an organization.

How are business and networking interlinked with each other?

Networking has become the backbone of every business. It helps the business owners to develop and retain their clients through different means of communication. Besides this, it has also helps the enterprises with many branches, to maintain communication system for a smooth workflow.

Installation of these wires have been proved advantages for many organizations namely-

  • High rise buildings
  • Small compact offices
  • Residential complexes
  • Big industrial belts
  • Small or large scale organizations

Where to buy the wires from

You could purchase these wires from retail stores or through internet. Before buying them, it is advisable to research well. You could browse the internet to find the details about some of the well renowned companies in this field.  You could have a look at the customer’s response towards that company. Before finalizing a provider, you could consider the following points-

  • Ensure that they provide long term warranty on every purchase
  • You could check their background and experience in the industry.

A good company would be able to offer you the following features-

  • Jack installations
  • Telephone cabling
  • Expand existing networking
  • Upgrade networking cabling
  • Provides provision to install cable for VOIP or other telephone systems


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