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With continuous advancements taking place in the world of technology platforms, web developers often find it tedious to choose the right one for meeting their varied needs. The flexibility of writing application programs on a particular platform has been possible only because of the ever-changing face of interfaces used for the same. With each platform offering a different application program interface, developers find it tedious to write a single PC program for different types of system services. Through this blog, I introduce you to the updates released for three popular technology platforms viz: Apps Ads, Parse PHP SDK and Graph API.

App Ads- A brand new format along with addition of incredibly effective ad helper tool

In addition to the previous announcement of making the mobile app ad look consistent with Facebook’s existing ad offerings via social context, comment and share buttons, the recent update speaks about connecting both the mobile app ad and desktop app ad units with the Facebook page, ensuring similarity with the other Facebook ad units.

Web developers can now avail the flexibility of migrating both mobile as well as desktop ads available in the old format to the single new format that is being connected to the app’s Facebook Page. In addition to this, a new tool called app ads helper has also been added to help you receive answers to all the questions that tend to crop in around the app and app ads. With talks on regarding the expansion of number of questions that the app ads helper can answer overtime, you can easily gather the opportunity of advertising your app on Facebook.

Parse PHP SDK- It’s new and interesting


With PHP being one of the most popular programming languages, a majority of websites are being served on it on a daily basis. Until now, developers inclined on accessing Parse from PHP just had REST API as the option. With the all-new PHP SDK, developers can now easily access Parse from PHP without the need for going through the REST API. Backed by an in-depth documentation, the new Parse PHP SDK serves as the first open source SDK for server-side language. If you’re inclined on gathering a quick overview of this SDK, simply go through the README file where the documentation has been updated alongwith the addition of PHP Quickstart containing installation instructions.

The web development community is quite happy with the release of the Parse PHP SDK. They are confident that this improved SDK will enable Parse integration for an entire new class of apps coupled with the use cases.

Graph API- Release of v2.1 along with updated iOS and Android SDKs to work with the same

With API Version releases providing a 2-year stability guarantee for the Core APIs, developers gain complete control of upgrading different instances of the application. The Graph API v2.1 release comes as a sweet surprise for developers who’re stuck to the traditional means of upgrading the app instances.

Graph API

Incorporating numerous commonly requested features, Graphic API version 2.1 comes with the goal of increasing simplicity and consistency for developers. Some of the feature highlights of Graphic API v2.1 include:

  • A brand new URL Node that makes it easier for you to access Open Graph and share metadata for the respective URL.
  • Root node of v2.1 Graph API responses are always a JSON object and not raw booleans, strings or integers.
  • Pages are now able to mention other pages in posts that are published via the API. Any user who’s inclined on publishing mentions of pages other than the ones managed by the app’s developers, then he/she needs to submit the same for review by Facebook.
  • The /friends edge placed on the User object will now provide access to total friends count. This feature was supported in the Graph API v2.0 as well.
  • The Field Expansion syntax has now been made more concise.

Wrapping Up

So, with that here’s a wrap on the updates for the three prime technology platforms viz: Apps Ads, Parse PHP SDK and Graph API. I’m sure as a developer you’d have loved embracing all the details furnished above. Here’s hoping these latest advancements would bring in something new for your web development projects.

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