Best gadgets to be launched in 2013

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In the modern generation, gadgets are the necessary one for everybody. Developers are enthusiastically developing many gadgets and releasing spontaneously. Users are addicted to use them by seeing their ever most admirable features. Let us see the most awaiting gadgets for 2013.

IPhone 5S

It is the normal trend from Apple that always in iPhone updates, in version wise there will be an S added with the existing version before the new successive version get released. In that aspect iPhone 5S is the expected one possibly available in the month of June. This analysis is from Peter Misek and the features include super HD camera or screen and battery wise many improvements and best thing is near field communication. Rich models will be available in six to eight colors.

Apple iTV

Apple is planning to release Apple iTV by October 2013 with the cost between $1,500-$2,000 and with size ranges between 42 to 55 inches. The releasing version may be UK version depending upon the license. Televisions are invented long time back but Apple CEO Tim Cook stating that Apple TV should be coming with features more than a TV combining with Siri and iSight for enabling voice and face recognition. In addition to that one can control Apple TV through iPhones and iPads.

Xbox 720

Xbox 720 is the most awaited gadget from Microsoft and it may be called as Infinity. It has the possible features like Kinect. Motion detection technology is the most interesting feature in this. In order to view 3D images on walls, through 3D glasses one can view it. It has connected with Wi-Fi facility and a Blu-ray drive. Xbox 720’s excellent feature is it has 8GB RAM and a quad-core processor. Blu-ray drive has extraordinary ability to record from live TV, 3D gaming and a renewed Kinect device. Expected arrival of Xbox 720 is in autumn 2013.

Amazon phone

Amazon phone has the integration with Amazon’s Appstore, Amazon MP3, Amazon Cloud Player and Kindle books. It is the multipurpose device than a phone. It is expected to have the subsidized rate from Amazon coming with bar code scanner as well. This excellent feature is available from mid 2013. Surveys are indicating that this device is too cheap and should be the most liked gadget of 2013.

Augmented reality glasses from Google

Google is partnering with Vuzix and bringing futuristic specs by making the people to get connected with net always. This is an excellent innovation from Google. The feature is designed in the way that there is a small color image which can be viewed in front of the eye. It has Android operating system and can be connected surely through Bluetooth. Current features planning to include are text messages, emails or map directions. The features always connect with party-goers’ names and their relevant information. It will be maximum available in Summer 2013 with the cost under $500.-2013-New-Multi-Gadget-IdeaNest

This is an excellent iPhone of thermostats designed by two former Apple employees. It determines the presence or absence of a person by having connected with smartphone through Wi-Fi. This will have a scheduled program to know about the presence by designing a heating or air-conditioning program. The indication is shown in orange color for heating and blue for cooling. It is available in US currently for $250 and it is the best utility to save electricity bill in two years.

Oculus Rift

In 1992, Lawnmower Man film inspired many and finally in games Virtual Reality games have become the fantasy. The principle behind this is it can show the environment in full 3D by connecting to the PC. As 3D view is guaranteed, one can view all the nook and corner of virtual worlds. The cost will be around $300 which is the very good lower cost for technology.

Basis band

Awesome health monitor gadget which is the required for everyone in their life. It will record the health whenever it is worn and since it does not require chest strap, it is easy to wear. It can be considered as a health doctor to analyze and report how much exercise is required and if over exercised, the report level will be an alert as well. It has galvanic skin response sensor and continuously monitors sweat levels and an accelerometer to find out how exercising habits make the heart rate change.


Gadgets are becoming popular with their new innovative principles and it has discovered that innovators thinking how human race kind will be alive without gadgets. Most importantly gadgets are getting available in affordable prices so that people are going after gadgets for their revolutionary effects.


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