Charity Urges People To Consider Reuse Before Selling Mobiles

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Some UK-based charity organisations are advocating in favour of reuse rather than recycling of mobile phones, computers and other IT devices. Computer Aid International is one such UK registered charity that aims to reduce poverty through practical ICT solutions. It professionally refurbishes highest quality electronic devices and sends them to be reused in education, health, agriculture and various NGOs in developing countries. All these charities believe that reuse of electrical and electronic gadgets often provide better solution for environmental hazards than recycling. Hence, people selling mobile phone for cash should reconsider their decision and try other options too before sending their phones and other equipments for recycling. Besides, this process has many social benefits too.

The charity organisations are inviting people to come forward and donate their old mobile phones and other unused gadgets that can be used for the welfare of underprivileged people of our society. Thus more and more unwanted electronic equipments should be reused rather than recycled. These charities even refurbish discarded mobile phones, computers and any other devices and their peripherals that have still not reached the end of their life cycle. Most of these devices are used in schools, hospitals and community projects in several countries.

The main problem in reuse is, unlike for recycling with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, there are no specific targets for reusing electrical and electronic equipment. This makes most of people go for recycling. But consumers can do a lot to help both the environment and the people in need. They can either postpone their plan to buy new mobile phone or any such electronic gadget until it actually reaches the end of its productive life or donate a device in working condition for reuse.

Once it reaches the end of it useful life, they should sell mobile phones to a mobile phone recycling company. Through various reuse schemes, organisations like Computer Aid can make these advanced technology phones, computers and other devices available to people who cannot normally access them.

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