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If there is one thing busy executives of today are in dire need of, its time. Thankfully the advent of social networking sites has made it easier for them to network with fellow professionals and share information on the go. And, the smart phones and iPads of the world have made matters further simple. Although new social media applications with fresh twists continue to foray into the markets almost regularly, there are some well established ones that have stood the test of time. These are the ones that have been hailed perfect by the business community and are compatible to both Android driven handsets as well as iPhones. They have made life interesting for working executives, ensuring a complete amalgamation of work and fun.

Some Tried and Tested Apps for Busy Executives

  • Evernote— Although Evernote cannot be technically reckoned as a social media app, it is actually much more. In fact, it happens to be the most popular app worldwide, for taking notes. It is free software that allows you to store, record and organize files of different types. The notes would include digital handwriting, voice memos or excerpts from web-pages. Hence, they impart complete freedom to users by enabling them to jot down their own ideas. Evernote also enjoys strong ties with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, for promoting it across the web space. Social media can be integrated with this app through Android and iPhone and all favorite posts from these sites can be archived with ease.
  • Flipboard— Since its inception in 2010, the Flipboard continues to be an extremely popular app with business professionals. This app utilizes the same technology as the Apple Touchscreen and allows users to actually flip through their social networking feeds as well as online publications. It’s quite akin to turning the page of real magazine. The popularity of Flipboard has earned it an award for the best iPad app from Apple way back in 2010. The company also has plans of transforming the app into something like a Google Analytics tool by matching browsing habits of users with social media feeds. Although the app isn’t made available to Android phones yet, Google Currents does offer something quite similar.
  • The Twitter App— For making smart decisions in business, executives need to access essential information as soon as it is made available to the world. This is why the Twitter app has become increasingly popular for receiving recent and relevant news. It is extremely convenient with Twitter since bite sized blogs can be instantly sent across to all followers. Twitter has successfully taken the fuss out of blogging and has made receiving news and posting opinions much simpler. Hence, it proves to be the ideal choice for the busy professionals of today.

These are just a handful of social media apps that endow the executives of today with the power of managing their regular tasks with precision along with inventing fresh growth strategies. However, the era of Apps is only in its inception years. There is plenty more to come that would take the entire business world by surprise.

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