How to Create Strong Password For Your Site

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The passwords are easier to crack than most people think, and how we choose to deal with it greatly affects the ability of hackers to get to our information and abuse.

Do not be a victim, computers are not going away, our images will never be sent to be developed, and our collection of CDs is changing rapidly. Facebook has even changed the way we socialize and communicate. Our lives have changed since the personal computer won the favor of the average person, and if you want to be safe in this world of ever-changing electronics has to learn the rules.

When I tell people they need to protect themselves online usually get one of two reactions, (1) not really do any banking or use any credit cards online, so it is not necessary worry about it. (2) I can use the web site of the banks and they say it is safe.

My question after listening to any of these excuses, do you take pictures of their children, relatives, friends? If someone hacked into the system and decided to pull all the images that you are able to return? Most people think their money, but seem to forget all the photos, the videos of their children to play baseball, ballet, etc.

Hackers, viruses, do not discriminate, they go after all your information and if they decide to play on your system at risk of losing everything, protect yourself.

Follow 4 Rules for a strong password.

Length, a longer password is harder to decipher what if you can remember a longer password and the program will then do more.

Width, character sets, ie the case, upper case, lower case, symbols, numbers. Using a wider range of characters increased strength of the password.

Depth, a password should not be any substantive name or word in any language, password crackers will run across in search of his word, so do not give to find. Try instead a mnemonic phrase, ie, (my Facebook password always escapes me! For me this work) = (MFpaem! 4mtw)

Time, change your passwords often, does not give anyone the opportunity to work in the password of the month the change and make it more secure every time.

Even if you do all this there is still a possibility that someone can get the password and do some damage, always be prepared for the worst.

A backup your files regularly, make copies of important data and store them in a safe place, transferring your pictures and video to a backup drive and then again in another security unit.

People never realize how important your files are until they disappear, so start by writing a strong password of your PC, Facebook, files and blogs.

There are many ways to keep your information safe, and a strong password is just the beginning, I’ll try to write more about some of the other ways to be protected at a later.

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