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Many people have trouble deciding if they are best going to a laptop or desktop, there are some features you can look out to help make that decision for you.

The best thing about a laptop is able to move easily, if you work from home and an office can use the same laptop for all your files in one place saving time in the transfer of every day. A decent laptop can be considerably cheaper than a desktop computer as most of the peripherals are included as display, keyboard, mouse, Wi-fi, etc. Another factor that gives the notebook an advantage over the desktop is the built in battery, if they would have a power not lost any data. You can run the laptop directly from the network and in the case of a power surge or outage of its built-in battery that come into play and allow you to carry on working until it is exhausted. You are always better to keep the battery charged as you never know when you need it.

The laptop has its drawbacks, like having a small screen compared to some of the monitors available in today’s world. A good laptop can be expensive and if broken may not be able to fix it, if the component is built into the motherboard itself. If you are going to get a 2 GHz processor in your laptop would not be the same as a 2 GHz processor on the desktop, running at a speed of about 30% slower and it would be necessary to compensate for this factor.

If you are thinking of a desktop, then you know it has many advantages over a laptop. They are a little more powerful in comparison with the laptop equivalent and can be updated easily and can be easily repaired if a particular component was an error. The average desktop computer will last significantly longer than any laptop, because it does not break so easily and can be upgraded to support today’s technology.

The main disadvantage of a desktop computer is the fact that it is portable if you move around it makes a lot of trouble to disconnect all peripherals, etc. and reconnect once you reach your destination. Another is the fact of not having a built-in, if you were to have a power to lose unsaved data. You can buy an external battery to cope with this event.

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