Disgo Net Browser 30007-inch Netbook

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Just as the name suggests, Disgo Net Browser 3000 Netbook is designed for surfing the internet while you are travelling. It is an interesting invention in the world of netbooks. In fact this revolutionary netbook shall be excluded from the netbook category. Just as Laptops replaced Personal Computers and netbooks are now replacing laptops, Disgo Net Browser 30007’’ Netbook will one day, replace netbooks. If you wish to buy a netbook just in order to browse and surf the net on a frequent basis, then this product is the best sited for you.

This technology gadget is a must for all facebook addicts. If you are fond of surfing and being available online all the time, don’t think before buying it. This netbook was designed for social networking and other light purpose usage. Let us know more about its design and looks. As this netbook is a compact mini laptop, the design is expected to be the key factor. And as we expected, its design is neat and perfect for simple browsing purposes. It has screen resolution of 800 X 480 pixels which is commendable for a 7 inches screen. You will have no troubles with the display and everything is clearly readable.  The keypad is quite small in size. This can cause troubles while scrolling the screen. It is not too perfect for typing purposes. But this mini netbook is available at very low cost and serves all the features of a netbook.

Did you know that this netbook weighs around 1 kg? Yes, this feature makes it extremely portable and easy to carry. But if you are looking for more features other than surfing the internet, then opt for some other netbook.   Its dimensions are 213.5 X 141.8 X 30.5   mm. This ultra portable netbook can be your friend 24 X 7.

The QWERTY keyboard has 86 keys in total. Its touchpad is located at the bottom line of the keyboard. It is small in size but quite responsive. You can also make use of an external mouse as it has support for USB ports. It can support two USB 1.1 Ports. Disgo Net Browser 3000 7’’ has inbuilt speakers, microphone and card reader. It also supports wireless connection for internet. Its RAM can be extended up to 8 GB. This netbook comes with a warranty of one year. There no web cam and video conferencing support in this netbook. This netbook is a very basic model that helps you stay connected with the world.

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