Dos and don’ts of laptop maintenance and repair

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Make sure your cherished laptop remains factory fresh for years to come by following this brilliant guide of handy dos and absolute don’ts where repairing and maintaining a device is concerned.

  • DO…clean a laptop’s screen using a soft dry cloth

To keep your laptop in tip-top condition, give its screen and external components a clean once or twice a week using a cloth. This cloth should be made of a soft and natural fibre – paper towels and tissues present the risk of permanent scratches being left over your screen after a wipe – as well as bone dry, for obvious reasons.

  • DON’T…eat or drink around your gadget

Do you keep on finding crumbs inside your laptop’s keys when you are cleaning the device? Well, there could easily be more crumbs that have gotten under the keys that could quickly cause problems for the inner workings of your gadget. On the same train of thought, never drink over your laptop – one spill could cause the keyboard to become sticky or, even worse, frazzle the electrical components of your device altogether.

  • DO…keep your laptop’s battery charged

You are reducing the life of your laptop’s battery every time you allow it to go dead. Therefore, make sure you hook up your device to a power unit every time the low battery symbol flashes – it only takes a minute but will prevent you from having to fork out for a new unit in the near future.

  • DON’T…overcharge the battery

Yes this may be a little bit confusing when thinking about the previous point, but you should never overcharge your laptop. Pumping too much juice into your device can be just as damaging as letting the battery run dead. As many fully-charged laptops on the market will function without a power source for an hour or so, switch the plug off as soon as you see that the battery is charged up to 100%.

  • DO…seek out the experts if your laptop goes on the blink

We cannot stress enough the dangers that you are putting yourself in if you try and fix a laptop yourself if you have no repair experience or IT skills. Instead, enquire about laptop repair services from such specialist firms such as One IT Support, so that the problems can be solved quickly and, more importantly, safely.

  • DON’T…repair non-serviceable components

Even if you are claiming to be the best IT technician in the world, you should never try and sort out issues with electrical items that have a label along the lines of ‘no serviceable components inside’. There is a reason this warning has been placed on here by the manufacturer and you will be putting yourself and others in danger by failing to abide by it.

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