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The company launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 completely as per the expectations of the Samsung lovers. The Galaxy S3 ruled the Android world and in order to offer something more the brand launched the Galaxy S4 with some new unique smart features with many new customer oriented applications. The phone has all the motion detectors and sensors. The processor was updated and this time it was octa-core processor and with the big bright high definition screen it was like a complete love of the Samsung lovers.Equips the candidates with all the tools and techniques required to make their presence in the IT industry and to revolutionize it.

Below mentioned is a complete review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is mentioned to give the most accurate view on it.Samsung-Galaxy-s4Design

The S3 is completely a lookalike of S4 when watched from the distance but quite closely, it is sleeker and thinner than the S3. The material of construction is same polycarbonate and it is possible that you will not like it initially because of this material when compared with Nokia Lumia, HTC One and iPhone 5. The fron5t of the phone is surrounded by the chrome, which gives the premium aspect to the users. It is available in two colors black mist and white forest.


The screen is 5inch HD. The display name is super almond display and the resolution is 1080X 1920 with 442 pixels per inch. The display is among the best one until date in the mobile history ant the colors will adapt themselves according to the surroundings. There are four manual modes and seven automatic modes in the adapt display option.All the things such as text, images, graphics, and iconsappear to be sharp and they will give you the exciting browsing experience.

User interface & OS

The Samsung Galaxy S4 uses the company owned interface named TouchWiz and runs on the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS. There are custom apps and skinned interface in the UI. The Interface is best for big icons and menus. There is also the option of the lock screen widgets. The mobile users have the availability of the 7 home screens and users can decorate them as per their convenience with app shortcuts and widgets.


The Phone has the 13-megapixel rear camera and the captured images are very detailed and look very close to the life.  The camera is capable of recording 1080p video and is best for the video chats. The camera may be lacking to match the performance of the iPhon4e 5 and HTC one during the low light and picture comes distorted and grainy. While it is best for the daylight and when it becomes known, it is far ahead from other options.

Performance/ Battery Life

Two quad core processors power the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it has 2 GB RAM and a powerful chip for the graphics. In addition, it has the 16 GB internal expandable memory. The Jelly Bean 4.2 gives the best overall performance and navigation with the interface, when it comes to performance it is a powerhouse ahead of the HTC one and iPhone 5.

The above features definitely stand out the Galaxy S4 but there are also some aspects which are needed to be addressed to become the outstanding number one phone of the millennium.


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