Gaming History:The First Video Game

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The earliest computer games were played on supercomputers.Of course, these were found only in large universities or the laboratories of government agencies, such as, US Department of Defence.

A lot of games claim to be the first video game.If you ask a lay person to name the first PC video game,one of the most common answer you’d get is Pac-Man. But the truth is, Pac-Man was released in 1980 by Midway games, almost a decade after the first console game made it’s debut!

A S Douglas was the name of the scientist, and the game was OXO.We now days call it “Xes and Zeros”! Douglas developed a graphical version of this game way back in 1952, making it the first ever video game.Developed at Cambridge University to demonstrate a thesis on human-computer interaction, OXO was played on EDSAC,and used a CRT display.

Douglas however, was never credited with being the inventor or father of computer games.That distinction belongs to William Higinbotham.In 1958, he created “Tennis for two”, a game that used an oscilloscope as a display unit.It showed a tennis court from the side, and the ball was affected by gravity.

These games ran on university mainframes and were largely restricted to programmers and students.

A number of games were developed in the 60’s by students.The most notable among these was the invention of the UNIX operating system,which was partly developed by Ken Thompson, who wanted to play a game called “Space Travel” which he was developing.

The Magnavox odyssey was the first home gaming console to be made…..

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