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In a sea of gaming platforms, game engines and consoles, we have overlooked the fundamental technologies and advances working behind these games.

Remember Pacman? There was a time when it was the hottest game around. Today, games have grown from being a mere pastime. They are passion. What’s more, they constitute an industry that commands respect and is often seen in awe for what it has achieved.

There’s hardly anyone who has’nt played the Need For Speed series or the Prince Of Persia or Assassin Creed and not to forget Counter Strike. But how many of you know,each new game that comes out has been a long time in the making. It took 12 full years in the making of the game Duke Nukem Forever!

This is because each game explores the genre, the gameplay, the AI, what is possible on the platform, the plot and many other areas of game development.

And now in today’s world, the gaming industry has something for everyone: Sports(FIFA, Cricket, NBA etc.),Arcade(Space invaders, Asteroids etc.),FPS(Max Payne,Bioshock etc.),online flash games and many more!

These milestones and advancements has changed the gaming landscape forever…….

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