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Despite of the fact that iphone keeps its users crazy about it, Apple lovers demand more from the gadget. Apple Inc meets the increasing expectations of its customers by providing more with every new version of its products. The trend continues with iphone 4s. The features are optimized this time and each application included in this has its own area of expertise. People can make use of all the features in their day to day life. If anyone has a busy life, then iphone 4s or iphone 5 has all the daily gadget needs. These successfully replace a digital camera, a mobile phone, an alarm clock, a reminder which can be set with details of the reminder and a computer. The high speed decoding and encoding done by the dual core A5 chip lets the user to have access to the heavily graphics loaded sites easily. The smart processor gives amazing picture quality on the high definition (HD) videos.

Do more with the A5:

iphone 5 has been traded as the most smart and efficient ipnone in its class. The so called A5 chip is two times more efficient and supports seven times more heavily loaded graphics than the earlier versions. Once the person using the older ones gets the Iphone 4s in hand, he would be able to check the difference. The instant camera shots being saved into the memory gives another value added charmed feeling. Simply it can be assumed that the time error in activating and closing an application has been decreased to apparently zero.

Gaming has been a new fun with this range. The games don’t get jammed or hanged if the iphone is loaded with other applications simultaneously. After all this features, the battery life comes to the limelight. Apple has been much more careful this time. The battery life is just amazing. It’s enough for a long trip of 12 hours. The battery lasts enough with the web browsing and the gaming functions going for a long time.

Siri has more clues to help you out. This assistance from Apple has made everything possible, just like any other encyclopedia it helps to find the user whatever he or she searches for. The user has only one thing to do. i.e. to ask.  You can save reminders with pictures, voice messages and videos. When these extraordinary audiovisual reminders ring the alarm the user gets whole details of the happening. Texting and chatting speeds has been increased. Now you can type faster on iphone 4s.

The camera has high definition graphics embedded along with the A5 chip. As the chip for the camera and the display is the same, faster clicks have been possible and direct feed to the display is possible. The camera has been gifted with larger aperture for greater coverage. An illumination sensor is added to reduce the blurring effect and to bring the sharpness in the image at any lighting zone. The automatic whit balance gives exact color combination and the clicks come truly natural.

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