Get Smoother Way To Unlock lg Optimus And Prada

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Many people are using smart phones in day to day life. Suddenly or accidently your mobile will be unlocked during your business hours. You will be stressed in to clear the unlock problem. No need to get worried about this problem. The key purpose of this article is to unlock your mobile by your own without any technical experience. Unlock lg optimus mobile by few simple guidelines

o   Your lg optimus phone must be started

o   The phone dialer is opened by clicking the icon

o   Enter 2945#*540# in your android phone and send button is pressed

o   Enter the unlock code given during your purchase

o   Click unlock

o   Yes, Your smart phone is successfully unlocked. Have a great day!

To Unlock lg prada the guidelines are same just there are few modifications in step 3 where you have to enter 295#*8501# and the call button is pressed which is present at the middle of the display.

For getting unlock code you have to register in online by paying some amount. When you register they will ask for the IMEI number, for this press *#06# in your smart phone. The no will be 15-17 digits. You will get the unlock code via email and then just simply the above instructions are followed. Thus in any GSM network, you can use your android phone.

Suppose the smartphone is not unlocked with the help of unlock code, it is guaranteed that the money will be refunded. Unlock your mobile there is not any technical skills are required, just if you have unlock code you can unlock your mobile. Do not get worried that your device will get damaged. By unlocking your mobile you will not lose any softwares, at the same it is risk free. Do follow the instructions carefully to unlock your lg smart phones.

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