Good, Better and Ugly of Nook eReader

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Nook, the most preferred name among hoards of eBook readers these days, is creating whirlpool in the world of eReading. The satisfied Nook users believe that it is the best thing that could have happened in the world of eReader apps. Now the question is: Is it hype then or it is really an app that promises everything that other eBook reading apps cannot provide? Let’s find out the good, best and ugly about Nook.

The Origin

You might be amazed to know the Nook is the creation of the same maker as that of Reader.  Yes, it’s a Barnes and Noble’s creation. But you cannot compare this eReader with that of the earlier prototype as this happens to be a far more excellent version. Designed after the feedback received on its predecessor, Nook app has over shadowed the earlier versions with its popularity. The millions of satisfied Nook eReaders are the full proof evidences of the same.

The Good

The outstanding features of Nook make it a good eReader app. The app is absolutely free, and universally compatible with almost every iPhone! It gives the readers the grand option of making a buy from Amazon library and sending the sample of the same to an iPhone directly. You can even store  books you find interesting right inside your device memory.  Further, Nook helps you to bookmark locations for later access, creating annotations of texts and making notes in the reading materials.  Even more amusing is the fact that you store your preferred reading material for having print outs of the same at a later period as per your convenience! The simple yet attractive interface works as a bonus on its options of customizing font sizes as per reader convenience.

The Best

Although it will never be technically wise to identify Nook as the best one among other eReaders, the area where it excels is that the whole procedure of purchasing and managing the reading materials is immensely simple. Since it is capable of supporting hell lot of formats like MS Word docs, PDFs, etc. so you will always be exempted from the cumbersome and slow process of plugging your electronic device, connecting with the online book portals and transferring the files. This eReader also makes the reading experience tailor-made by virtue of customizable interface, text size and text color.

The Ugly

The primary thing that makes Nook ugly is the multitude of DRM protected contents. You will get irritated with the maze of restrictions prevalent on the DRM protected reading materials!  Although it is better than the conventional electronic gadgets, delay in file transferring still remains an issue that prevents Nook from becoming best of the best eReader.

As a reader, the buying options, storage and its editing functionality, Nook is an affordable application. If you seek a simple app and want to just read some books of interest that are easily available, Nook is the best option for you. The only drawback is its content protection, which if you are a little savvy, can easily be overcome.

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