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Google has always maintained an edge over every domain it decides to get a hand in, be it gadgets, apps or devices. Now it is time for TV. Internet ready TVs have been available in the market for long. Google, in a collaboration with electronics manufacturer Sony Inc, microchip maker Intel, and computer component giant Logitech, announced the launch of Google TV last October. Read on for our guide to differentiate and choose from a variety of Internet ready TV sets and Google TV. We have closely examined features of the average Internet ready TV offerings in the market and Google TV:

Features of an Internet ready TV

1. Internet Access:

The newly minted, technologically advanced television sets in stores now have Internet access for sure, but the best ones come with an inbuilt Wi-Fi set up. Every single television offers different apps from other. So, a user needs to be pin point his specific needs. For example, if you are a frequent user of social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter, you need to select a television that offers those apps.

2. TV specifications:

Even being an Internet ready TV, it is still a TV and one needs to select among specifications like screen resolution, screen refresh speed, audio and picture quality.

3. Perfectly synchronized:

An Internet ready TV should be able to synchronize television features smoothly with Internet options. Some companies offer two remotes, one for TV and other for Internet options. A single fully functional remote is also offered by some, which might keep some users happy but confuse others.

Features of Google TV

1. Google TV heads on:

Google TV incorporates all the above features that are offered by Internet ready TV.

2. Television meets search engine:

Google has integrated its search engine competency with television features better than anyone else has in the market. They have made it easy for users to browse the entire Web at the press of a button.

3. Apps are apt

Any other Internet TV can hardly meet the list and number of apps that Google offered in its television.

4. Mobile: the new remote

You can control your TV with application installed on your mobile phone. Google has synced mobile with your TV as a remote. You can operate from traditional remote too.

5. Personalize your Internet

‘In Private’ browsing option offers you a private session over internet and your browsing history does not register. The home screen is customizable too, you can set your homepage; configure your favorite apps, channels and websites. You can also save your bookmarks and manage history.

6. Dual view

This is for those people who wish to keep their hands and eyes on both Internet and TV simultaneously. This feature allows you to do Web search and chat while watching television.

7. Search and record

Dish network subscribers are offered this premium feature where they can search for a television event. It will be recorded at the time of broadcast.

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