Higher Conversion with Optimized Checkout Process: How to Get Started

The e-commerce landscape is about to become more competitive in 2019. If you think converting viewers to customers and winning more business is difficult today, things are about to become more complex in 2019. More companies are entering the e-commerce business and you can expect more competition in the market.

The key to staying ahead is refined user (or customer) experience. User experience will make or break your e-commerce store. There is a lot you can optimize to improve the user experience of your store and earn loyal customers, but in this article, we are going to focus on how to best optimize your checkout process for higher conversion.

Security First

Your e-commerce site needs to be secured, especially the checkout form; this is the only way to earn a potential customer’s trust. Not using a valid SSL certificate will result in dropped carts and low conversion.

Not all SSL certificates are created the same. As an e-commerce website, what you want is an Extended Validation or EV SSL certificate. This type of certificate activates both the padlock icon on the customers’ browser as well as the green bar that goes along with it.

An SSL certificate is only the beginning. You also want to make sure that your site follows information security best practices. It is also necessary to display clear terms and conditions (and the site’s privacy policy) as a way to earn credibility.


In the old days, having a multi-step checkout process is acceptable. After all, you want to get to know the customer well, verify their information, and maintain the ability to contact those customers in the future.

Using the same approach today, however, will only result in disasters. Customers expect to buy the products they want more easily, which is why your checkout process needs to be as simple as it can be.

Two steps are the maximum limit. Rather than asking for too many (often unnecessary) details, stick with the essentials and utilize the resources available to fill the gaps.

When you need to verify the identity of the customer, for instance, using a reliable identity verification service is much better than asking customers to go back and forth manually. Thanks to APIs and reliable services from Cognito, identity verification can be fully automated. Cognito’s system will streamline the compliance process for you by collecting all of the customer information you need to verify them.

The Right Offers at the Right Time

Stop trying to bombard potential customers with upsells and more offers. It may seem like a good idea to boost sales, but what you are really doing is scaring customers away. You don’t want that, do you?

Cross-promotion is best done with subtlety and moderation. Instead of bombarding customers with offers, display special offers like free shipping at key moments in the customer’s journey (and not during the checkout process). You’ll find this approach to be more effective.

When implemented as a whole, these tips will help you improve and optimize your checkout process and boost conversion rates. By refining the checkout process more, you can also increase your chances of winning the hearts of loyal customers.

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