How A PC Optimizer Changed the Way My Computer Worked

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I had invested in one of the best computer that my pocket could get me. With a heavy graphic card, 3 GB memory, a TB of hard disk, and Core 2 Duo, I knew that I had something special. Knowing that my computer could run almost any program made in recent times, I, like most of other computer users, stretched my PC to the extremes. There were games, graphic heavy applications and loads of multimedia stuff on it and yet it kept delivering to my satisfaction……….until recently!

As I continued installing applications and dumping data on the computer indiscreetly, I didn’t realize that like all other machines, my computer needed some overhauling as well, much in virtual sense than physical. What I didn’t notice was that even a TB of memory would look minuscule if there was no memory optimization, even the Core 2 Duo processor will scream of agony if I ran too many applications at the start up and even the 3 GM RAM will say sorry if I ran too many applications at the same time. I needed to optimize my PC for performance, even with such an impressive configuration.

Fortunately, it was not too late to be on a point of no return. I quickly realized what was going wrong and started looking for a reliable PC optimizer. While I could do much of the work manually, I found trying a PC optimizer worth the effort. It allowed me focus on other things that just go ‘witch hunting’.

This is what I got:

• Junk cleanup: I was surprised at the amount of free space I had after I ran the tool.

• Startup Optimization: What’s the point of running applications at the start when you don’t need them straightaway? I realized the difference when the PC optimizer worked on the start up and unchecked all the unnecessary applications from booting. My computer finished booting up much faster.

• Anti-virus: Even with the knowledge that applications downloaded from the internet are prone to viruses, I avoided running a reliable anti-virus program and make-do with free anti-virus programs. I realized how naïve it was when the anti-virus program I got with my PC optimizer kept throwing new threats on my face.

• Hard disk errors fixes: With time, my hard disk had developed bad sectors and disk errors. It was them that crashed my computer. I tried all the tricks only to find this one working good.

Besides these tools, I also got a host of other applications such as data recovery, theft protection, improved privacy and advanced defragmentation tools to keep glitches at the minimum. Not to imply that PC optimizers are be-all end all solutions, I did notice that they could help me keep the computer’s health high and strong for long.

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