How E-Cigarettes Make Smoking Healthier

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As the world has succeeded in making most things bigger or faster, the one area that technology truly has gifted us in making smoking healthier. E-cigarettes, a Chinese invention, have been slow to take off as smokers reluctantly toss their habits out the window. Old habits die hard, it appears and, despite numerous warnings for many years, it is often only when people experience a major health concern that they finally decide to kick the habit at last.

Whether you like it or not the electronic cigarette is an impressive piece of technology that literally fits into the palm of your hand. And, given the number of cigarettes the average smoker is expected to get through during a lifetime going with this new piece of technology is likely to save you a great deal of money in the long term, and hopefully also add a few years back onto your lifespan

As we found out while researching the subject on Electronic Cigarette Tree, e-cigarettes are powered by batteries and need to be charged if you want to be able to puff on them all day. Hey consist of an atomizer cartridge, battery and LED light. When you inhale on the end of an e-cigarette you heat the element inside the atomizer cartridge up (either automatically or by depressing a small button) which causes the liquid in the cartridge to convert into water vapour which you can then inhale. Once the cartridges have run out of liquid you can simply replace them, either by creating your own flavours or by replacing them with premade cartridges.

Some cartridges are available without nicotine while others offer a variety of strengths ranging from low to high. For those who feel more secure weaning themselves off their nicotine addiction you can slowly reduce the amount of nicotine you are inhaling. Other people chose to give up nicotine but continue to smoke physically to help them break the habit.

You can get battery chargers when you purchase a starter kit and also make your life more convenient by getting one for your car or computer for when you are traveling or on the move. If you are going to smoke a lot it is probably worthwhile to buy a couple and keep some fully charged in case you run out of battery power and do not have a chance to charge your electronic cigarette. This will also ensure you are less likely to give in and buy a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

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