How to differentiate between original and fake iPhone

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iPhone is increasingly developing worldwide and the marketability of iPhone is growing like a bonfire. Thus, the demand for replicating the phone is increasing at the cheaper rate. The fake phones are known as replicas. One person cannot easily compare the difference between the real iPhone and the replica. The replicas have the poor quality and the lower life span and these phones are refereed to Chinese iPhone. This is very common and these phones are been made in China. Although the original iPhone are also made in China but the replicas are also produced in China. Therefore, it seems quite harder for a common man to differentiate between the two. But with right knowledge you can easily find the difference between the two.

Features if Authentic iPhone

Original products can be easily identified by their tag or mark whether it is Apple or any other brand of clothes or something else. If you know the inherent features of Apple then you can make a difference by comparing the given provided features of real iPhone.


The product of Apple has always been expensive and they have no exception at all. Go to the official website or store if you got the product suspiciously at low price. Check for the prices on net with the price you were offered and the authentic iPhone price tag will vary on the status of phone. Depending on the availability, state, and age of the phone, the price of a new phone against a renovated phone may vary in price by 15-50%.


iPhone comes only in two colors one is black and other is white.

Operating System

Apple bear IOS operating system and this operating system can only be used by Apple devices. All the Apple products come with certain set of programs which has unique operating system and the programs included in these phones are iTunes, safari, app store and iPod.


Users cannot replace the battery with the other phones because the batteries in iPhone are not replaceable. Until and unless the user will not take help of Apple associate, he would not be able to change it without the help of skilled specialist.


The screen display is of 3.5. Inches and this is the appropriate measure of iPhone. It only responds to touch and there is no such capacitive technology. No stick, pen or any pointed things are used to operate with its functions and also it does not conduct electricity.

Unique Serial number

All iPhone have a unique serial number and it is located on the bottom of the box. You can directly view on your iPhone and a subsequent set of instructions is given such as Settings – General – About your device”. Also, check the development and custom software development official website of Apple.

Memory Card and SIM-Card slot

A standard flash drive is installed with every iPhone and thus the volume space couldn’t be increased or decreased and also every iPhone has only one connector for sim card, there is no iPhone with two sim cards.


iPhone always appears in a concise and polished form. Thus, with these features it is almost impossible to get confused with replicas.

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