How To Protect And Style Your Smartphone

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With the increased ubiquity of smartphones, it should hardly be surprising that companies have found so many ways of stylistically protecting them. It’s essential that these cases perform three functions: look cool, allow the user to interact with the touch screen, and perhaps most important of all, protect the phone from scratches and falls. For this, there are a host of options. Here is a glance at them all.

A silicone skin is a smart way to put some personality into the look of your smart phone, and it protects it dutifully while allowing seamless interaction with all aspects of your phone. Like all smartphone cases, there are specially designed access ports in the case, so the silicone doesn’t cover the lens and all the various outputs and inputs of your phone. These cases allow for a nice grip, diminishing the odds that you drop it accidentally. They also absorb some of the shock in case this misfortune takes place. They are sleep and slim, far from a cumbersome object. Priced affordably, this is a good option for many people.

The hard shell case functions a little differently. The phone snaps into its back, but the front is largely open. The plastic keeping the phone firmly in place would protect it in the event of a fall, but the front may be fairly exposed. The back is guarded securely by the plastic, though, and the space in front allows for simple interaction with the device. One really smart feature you can find on some of these cases, but not all, is the little piece that functions almost like a kickstand, making it possible to tilt your phone against a flat surface to watch video.

There are new leather cases which look especially cool and allow for the same ease of use as all the other cases. There’s a folio model, which looks like a leather note pad which opens and fastens securely by means of a leather strip which fits neatly inside its female counterpart. Also, they can be designed to fold in certain ways to allow for watching videos in different configurations. The lens has its little opening, and the leather opens aside as the fold is drawn back so the used has an easy time operating all its various functions. They protect extremely well and give your phone a professional look. Leather always does!

Whether your personality is loud or conservative, there are cases designed with you in mind. They all have an admirable element of practicality to them, and some are even quite ingenious little devices, suitable for guarding such a multifaceted implement as the phone itself! Whether you want a case to stand out, or you want one that simply looks smart, there are plenty to choose from. But one thing is for certain: when you pay such a considerable sum of money for a device which is used so frequently, a case is a mandatory no-brainer thing to buy.

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