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When things are going well in your business, it is the best time to take that plunge and expand. As part of your growth spurt, you will need to take on extra staff, make plans to seek bigger clients and maybe even move into a bigger office.

Although extremely exciting, the prospect of upping sticks and heading into the unknown can be a little daunting.

Here’s our top tips on how you can deal with the space you have:

Outgrowing your current office

It’s easy to say ‘get a bigger office’ than actually trying to find the perfect place to make your new home. There will be a period of time where you will have to cope with the space you have, as you work out where to move and the size of the new office you will need.

In the meantime, it is essential to utilise the space you have, so that you can continue to work efficiently during the transition process.

Here are a few handy tips to keep the madness and clutter at bay.

  1. Storage boxes are a must-have when sorting out your paperwork, and putting documents away that you won’t need to hand for a while. These archive/storage boxes from Viking are inexpensive and reusable, proving useful in the new office too.
  2. How about using your wall space for extra storage? Well-positioned shelves can make all the difference to the clutter, and will not take up any of the much-needed space required for your new employees.
  3. If the business requires you to hire more staff than you can accommodate before the move, you can also ask your new recruits if they can work from home for the first few weeks. Of course, this will only work if your employees are able to work from home in their specific job role.

Plans for the new office

When you have found the ideal location to move your business to, you then need to plan the layout so that you utilise the space available. The new office space should be much more than you currently need, so that if your business continues to grow, you can continue to expand without having to move again.

Take advantage of the expansive office you now have by giving everyone the room they need. An open plan layout keeps everyone together and accessible, which in turn, will encourage interaction and creativity.

If you are stuck for ideas, Office Layouts is a good place to start. Here, you can look through all the tips and resources for free, to find the ideal layout for your hub.

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