HTC News: Amaze 4G Update Pack, Apple Wins Over HTC in Court

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HTC users are a class all onto themselves, who like to stand out from the users of other smartphones. Their phones are better designed and much more packed with goodies. Or so they like to think. For HTC aficionados and regular smartphone users, we feature two pieces of news on HTC development and status. Since the current year is drawing to a close, things seem to be astir on the smartphone front, with updates, releases and applications being announced left and right. Were you aware of the court trial between Apple and HTC’s sensor provider? Did you know that there will soon be an update for the HTC Amaze 4G? Are you curious to find out more? Then read on – you will not be disappointed.

Apple v Amtel

Everybody who’s remotely interested in the gadget, smartphone and mobile device scene is painfully aware of the fact that Apple is extremely proud of and protective about their status as one of the most (if not the most innovative) names in the industry. As such, even if you previously did not know about this, it should come as no surprise that the technology giant recently sued Amtel over their maxTouch Sensors. As some of you will know, HTC phones currently use this technology. Apparently, they might be forced not to make use of it soon, since Apple gained a court ruling in its favor late last week. According to the ruling, Apple’s claims were founded in stating that the “touch ITO pattern” technology that powers HTC phones is much too similar with some of Apple’s touch related patterns. Consequently, the sensors on the HTC and many other makes of smartphone will soon have to be replaced with a similar product, be it from Synaptics or Cypress Semiconductor.

Even if HTC is in no way at fault here, one possible effect of the court ruling is that all HTC phones have to be withdrawn from the market. The patent lawsuit will block the selling of all phones with make use of the Atmel technology. However, switching suppliers will most likely be a costly process for HTC. Since it is not a decision one takes lightly, it will also require some time, which might, in turn, cause a disruption in the production of the smart phones.

HTC Amaze 4G Update

The HTC Amaze 4G will give users one more reason to take out HTC insurance, it will be that hot! No, it doesn’t mean they’ll have access to the long awaited Android 4.0. Not just yet, at least. However, the 1.42.531.3 update pack will tweak the system in a few significant ways that will update and improve the phone’s connectivity abilities via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. To boot, courtesy of T-Mobile, the HTC will also henceforth allow Wi-Fi calling functions. The update from T-Mobile will roll out in batches from now until January 20th. More impatient users can manually download the upgrade in a few simple steps. All you need to is access the Menu, the “About Phone” tab, then go to “HTC Software Updates”, followed by “Check”. Also included in the update is access to Google Music and upgrades to the Twitter and Peep applications.

HTC Insurance

Users who truly value their smartphone have no excuse for not taking out HTC insurance. A good policy will cover most cases of theft, loss and damage. Imagine losing or damaging your phone. Consider having it stolen. You would most probably want to replace the device as soon as possible, while also blocking the access of any unauthorized people to your information and data. Sadly, none of this would be possible without an insurance policy.

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