Importance of Email Marketing

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Those considering email as an outmoded medium of marketing are either unfamiliar with the concept of email marketing or are not aligned to the real facts of the online market.  Even though spamming has posed significant threats to email marketing and we have smarter ways of communicating like Twitter, Facebook and so on, emails still rule the roost. According to a recent survey conducted by DMA, the ROI for email marketing in the year 2011 has been close to 40 and half dollars for every single dollar spent! Therefore, more and more businesses are engaging themselves to the concept of email marketing simply because it works! There is no way in which the importance of email marketing can ever be undermined.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

If you are contemplating if email marketing is truly the right advertising vehicle for you, some of the associated benefits listed below would surely help in the decision making process. The primary advantages of email marketing include:

  • Lead Capture— When a potential customer visits your website for the first time, it is highly unlikely that he or she would be making a purchase right away. The purpose of the first visit would be more for checking things out. Therefore, you need to improvise ways of ensuring that the customer reconsiders your products later, at the point of purchase. The best way to do it would be to collect the email ids of all customers who visit and mail them back with your special offers and discounts as accompaniments. This would help them to consider you while making their buying decisions. This classic form of email marketing is termed as lead capture and would be crucial to the success of your business enterprise.
  • Laying a Foundation for Target Marketing— If you have something truly interesting and intriguing to offer to your customers, they might want to come back for further information and clarifications, post their first visit. If you send informative mails across to them, the chances of a revisit to your website could increase manifold. The flipside however is that your email might be categorized as spam and deleted altogether. However, considering that there isn’t too much effort involved here, this would be a risk worth taking.
  • Cost Effective Marketing— One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that it is highly inexpensive. There are no upfront costs to cater to which makes it ideal for smaller businesses too. Besides, email marketing is only aimed at influencing the target customer. Hence brand visibility can be enhanced without alleviating costs unnecessarily. You can also use email marketing for launching new products in the marketplace since it enables you to avail of a prompt feedback from customers. A discount or a coupon could be added to your emails for making them more attractive.

Email marketing could help boost your business prospects in more ways than one. The only condition here is to come to terms with the right techniques to be employed for this form of marketing, for creating a robust impact.

About Guest Author: Sofia Williams writes for Toyota Place. She likes to contribute to the online sphere by blogging on a vast variety of topics.

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