iPhone 5 is all set to win the battle of Superphones

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Apple’s possible next generation smartphone iPhone 5 was expected to appear this fall with some serious revamps from its current model iPhone 4. But it went on to unveil a slightly reworked version of its previous hit iphone 4. The new iPhone device is suggested to appear in stores in a few weeks, and, in the meantime, the company has started to accept pre-orders for it.

As it is known, Apple will be introducing iPhone 5 next year now. In fact, it is a situation similar to the year of 2009. Then, tech geeks expected an iPhone 4 as Apple floated up an iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 later came in 2010. This year, breaking its previous traditions, Apple did not announce an iPhone upgrade at its annual Developers Conference in June. It is not exactly clear why did Apple take such a decision.

Some have attached it with the company ex-CEO’s Steve Jobs deteriorating health. Whatever it may be, Apple has now announced an iPhone 4S and the question is whether it can bring some revolution in smartphone market. Many think that iPhone 4S can shine in stores even it is a successor to iPhone 4, one of the world’s most sold-out consumer electronics products ever. Apple iPhone 4S can remain as an influential product in the market because it is up with the following two features.

iOS 5

Apple unveiled iOS 5 with a pick of cutting edge features like Newsstand, iMessage and many more at its WWDC 2011. The new version of Apple’s famous mobile operating system is the best upgrade ever. Apple has deliberately developed iOS 5 to fight with Google’s forthcoming Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Microsoft’s uprising Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and tablet-friendly Windows 8. Because of these reasons, iOS 5 will be a great product, and most possibly it can keep on its current dominance.


Apple’s groundbreaking cloud based media service iCloud is to really bring a revolution in global smartphone market. Apple has specially designed its cloud computing service for smartphones and tablets. With iCloud, entire data from your iOS and Mac devices will be automatically pushed to the cloud servers of Apple. You can retrieve the data from anywhere in the world from any Apple device. In fact, cloud computing has been there for a while, but it is for the first time an automatic data uploading service is there.

Because on these two features, iPhone 4S can certainly continue its predecessor’s success. Sadly for you, iPhone 4S is not an iPhone 5. The device doesn’t have an edge-to-edge screen, thinner body and other iPhone 5-anticiapted features. It is only an iPhone version with little changes from iPhone 4. Many analysts had previously predicted iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5. Of course, their perditions have gone true.

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