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We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s will be some of the most well-known and effective mobile phones of the season. They are likely to be the top two, actually. But will the 2012 stalemate between the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 proceed with this season’s models? Or is one of these cellphone creators about to fall the ball? Let us take a look at what we know so far.

iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Design

After the style shift that the iPhone 5 showed, the iPhone 5S is not going to stone the vessel. It’ll have an aluminum back, cup front side and 4-inch display. Up to now, only a number of images of iPhone 5S elements have been released on the internet by France weblog nowhereelse, though, and even those have been removed. However, they reinforced this idea.

There have been speculation of a bigger 4.8-inch iPhone that would have a style a little nearer to the huge Samsung Galaxy S4, but experts seem to believe the point that this is either an “iPhone 6” set for a 2014, or an beginning idea that will never see the mild of day.

iPhone-5S-design-728x5112The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a identical water-treading story, although it’s likely to offer some visual changes from its forerunner, where the iPhone 5S may look more-or-less exactly the same as the iPhone 5.

Once more, the New Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a nasty battery energy protect. It’ll be slim, and people will grumble that it seems a bit cheap. But in realistic conditions, it will do the job of defending the cell phone’s innards from effect just excellent.

Leaked images display that the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be a little less shapely than the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is likely a shift to allow the cellphone to decrease frame area more efficiently, decreasing the quantity the cell phone’s huge 5-inch display will add to the bodily proportions.

Screen Size

Samsung is to proceed the display velocity of the Samsung Galaxy sequence. This implies more p and more display inches wide for the Samsung Galaxy S4.


The cellphone is expected to have a 4.99-inch 1080p display, using the AMOLED-type board that has presented in the Galaxy sequence flagships since the range’s beginning. Reviews recommend it’ll have a versatile display, which should create it all the more strong. However, it’s the improve in quality and monitor dimension that you will actually observe.

The New Samsung Galaxy S4 is far from the first 1080p 5-inch display cellphone we’ve seen. At CES 2013 we saw the Huawei Go up D2, Sony designs Xperia Z and ZTE Huge S, all of which offer FHD (full HD) displays.

With no expected monitor dimension or quality changes, it seems that the iPhone 5S is even less of  a impressive modify, but we’d don’t believe the truth. The iPhone 5S is expected to use a board technological innovation that is absolutely new to Apple’s gadgets. It’ll use IGZO, a technological innovation developed by Distinct.

The iPhone 5S’s IGZO board should be less expensive to generate than the iPhone 5’s display, but will offer important power-saving advantages too. IGZO techniques display relaxing in a powerful way, only relaxing when showing shifting images, not fixed ones. The iPhone 5 display refreshes regularly at 60Hz.

In idea, this should provide the iPhone 5S much better performance, leading to better battery energy lifespan. Distinct says that two complete times of smart phone use – without scrimping – will soon be a truth.


So far, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not looking like much of a technical exposure. Fortunately, its processor is a little more exciting, tech-wise.

The New Samsung Galaxy S4 will have an Exynos 5 Octa SoC, which has eight cores, rather than the four seen in 2013 competitors like the Sony designs Xperia Z.  However, only four of these cores are developed to be “all weapons blazing” google for high-performance programs. The other four are easier, lower-clocked cores used for daily projects to protect battery energy lifespan.

The four top-end cores are Cortex-A15s which is 1.8GHz, the other four are Cortex-A9 cores operating at 1.2GHz. Efficiency is the transaction of the day.

Smartphone fuel leads should not be frustrated that they are not all the comparative of gas-guzzling V8s, though. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will also have an very quickly GPU, the Mali-T658. ARM says this will offer 10x the energy of the current-gen Mali-400 chipset.

Will The apple company create identical upgrades in the iPhone 5S? As the A6 structure is pretty new, the iPhone 5S is likely to use a chipset depending on the A6X design of the iPad 4. Analysts have expected that the present A6 creation will be around until 2014.

That indicates we’re looking at a dual-core GPU and quad-core GPU for the iPhone 5S. It may not audio like much next to the 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but you can bet the iPhone 5S will have a higher prosperity of top-end activities. Components is not everything.


Reading the specifications of the cameras of the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4, we’re advised of the “keeping up appearances” techniques of the mega-pixel war of 2009. Did you know we had 12-megapixel cellular phones as beginning as 2009?

Both the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 will have 13-megapixel cameras with LED quick flashes. Released elements that are allegedly from the iPhone 5S recommend the cellphone may have a broader aperture and enhanced indicator. This is likely, as improving mega-pixel depend alone will not have enough of a beneficial impact on picture great quality to fulfill picture professionals.

It’s possible that both cellular phones will use the same indicator – the newest 13-megapixel BSI device from Sony models. This is in-line with picture equality of last season. Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S used the same Sony models sensor? The iPhone 5 also functions a Sony models indicator, simultaneously a enhanced one.

Identical, or at least identical, receptors to the one we anticipate to see in the iPhone 5S and New Samsung Galaxy S4 can be discovered in the Sony models Xperia Z, which was revealed at CES 2013 in Jan.


As you might have noticed by now, the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 create repetitive elements changes on the strong fundamentals of their specific sequence. They are not earth-shatteringly impressive, hardware-wise.

But will either really force the vessel out in its software?

Samsung is normally restricted, as it has to perform with the platform of Android operating system. All its own enhancements have to take position within the TouchWiz epidermis that rests on top of Android operating system.

We know of two new functions that the next edition may provide – Eye Stop and Eye Search. These are a organic development on from the SmartStay function presented together with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Intelligent Remain uses the user-facing photographic camera to tell when you are studying something, avoiding the display from dimming while you are.

Eye Stop will instantly pause videos clip if you look away from the display, and Eye Search will, you thought it, scroll down a papers instantly as you study it. We would not be amazed if New samsung introduced these two under the “Smart” banner, as Intelligent Stop and Intelligent Search. They are gadgets, but they’re better than nothing.

Any more powerful changes are likely to come from Search engines as aspect of the Android operating system platform. The New Samsung Galaxy S4 will release with the present Android operating system 4.2 Jam Vegetable application, but will be given an update to Android operating system Key Calcium Pie soon enough.

Apple has more management over the iPhone 5S’s application, and the next-generation iPhone is likely to see the release of iOS 7. As ever, The apple company is not going to let us know what is in shop until the application releases. This is likely to occur in July at WWDC, where most of Apple’s geekier reports are created.

Apple published a job record looking for application technicians to perform on the “new API/framework” that will appear in iOS 7, so we do at least know that something unique is preparing. Let us know what you want to see in iOS 7 in content.


There’s one possible curve ball, a stated function of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that may not pan out. The cellphone may function the digitiser S-Pen seen in the Observe sequence.

A digitiser aspect allows a display feeling different stages of stress rather than just primary factors of get in touch with. This would convert the Samsung Galaxy S4 into a nice little sketchpad.

Although not greatly impressive by itself, the development of a digitiser into one of the most high-profile cellular cellphone gadgets of the season could considerably improve the interest and take-up of digitiser technical. That is fairly exciting, in our guide.

Are they Innovative?

The iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 will not fall short to create a large impact at release. Each has the rapt interest of an incredible number of lovers. However, now around the cellular phones are likely to provide mostly repetitive changes, aside from the adopting of IGZO displays in the iPhone 5S and the possible use of an S-Pen in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

But when on the street to achievements, would you steer off into the outback? Or do you think a deficiency of anticipating the waves will journey up The apple company and New samsung soon enough?


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