Is Android the answer to the usual Apple hype?

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According to the recent market trends, Android is gradually outranking Apple not only in terms of market share but also in customer desirability. Though the difference is marginal, it is happening for the first time in the history of iPhones that smartphone buyers are now more interested in buying Android.

Yes it is true that Android is cheaper than Apple but surprisingly people are picking Android phones for its cool features rather than for its price. Let us see what the reasons of Android’s success are over Apple:


Adobe Flash

Adobe flash is the most popular multimedia platform that provides full support to the interactive content such as videos, games and animation. Adobe claims that in US about 98 percent of web users have flash installed on their PCs because it is widely used in creating interactive web pages. Most of the websites featuring games and websites run on flash. The technology iOS4 on which iPhone 4 works does not support Flash and that restricts its users from browsing their favorite Flash oriented websites.

Near field communication (NFC) support

NFC is another cool factor of Android that allows its users to make simple transactions and data exchange with a touch. It was expected that iPhone 4 will have NFC but that did not happen. Even iPhone 5 does not support NFC as mentioned in the May version of BusinessInsider. Google wallet is another application that iPhone 5 users will miss. It is an exclusive Android application that can store your virtual versions of credit cards.


Screen dimension is one big factor that influences smartphone users’ buying decision a lot. Apple fans are eagerly waiting for a bigger display and it is expected that iPhone 5 will have a screen dimension of 3.7 inches. Android has a screen display of 4 inches whereas, the previous versions of iPhone 4 has only 3.5 inches of screen dimension.


Apple is always known for its better battery life. The problem occurs when you wish to change the battery. All the Apple products including iPod and iPhone 4 have irreplaceable batteries. But, in the case of Android, it is not like that – battery is replaceable.


Almost every smartphone has external database storage facility in the form of memory card. These memory cards are quite affordable and smart solution for data storage. However, Apple users cannot use external memory card. Apple can store 8 to 32 GB data and is quite sufficient to store even rich media content such as videos, but memory cards provide the best solution to store backup of your important data.

There are several other features that make Android a better choice. In fact Apple has already included some of Android features in the new version of iPhones. According to an avid market watcher and Nokia executive Tomi Ahonen Android is leading in market with 41 percent of mobile OS share whereas iOS ranks second with 19 percent. But Apple has nothing to fear about as it still ranks too high in terms of revenue and growth rate.

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