Is Samsung Galaxy S5 on your mind? Scan the Reviews Before Making a Purchase

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Samsung has always been bringing something new for smartphone users across the world. The latest to join the league of scintillating Samsung Smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy S5. Launched at MWC 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 has been accepted by the global Samsung lovers who’re always awaiting the release of a new Samsung smartphone. If you too are thinking about purchasing the all-new Samsung Galaxy S5 then you’ve reached the right place. In this blog, I’ll be walking you through the reviews (both good and bad) that have been received by this Samsung Smartphone version. So, without further adieu, let’s get started and explore the response received for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has taken the DNA of Samsung S4 and improved it to the maximum

Unlike the limited features of Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with power-packed features for an amazing smartphone experience. This latest release by Samsung puts a greater focus on the user’s requirements rather than features they might find useless. As the successor of uber-cool Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 has improved features, incorporated after receiving the feedback of S4 users.

What’s different in Samsung Galaxy S5 Design?

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Samsung smartphone users have been thoroughly satiated with the eye-catchy design of Samsung Galaxy S5. This new smartphone has a fingerprint reader that can be used for unlocking the phone, making payments (PayPal is the payment mode that’s been supported by the device) etc. This new feature also allows you to unlock the private storage on your phone, serving as an effective means of securing your device from unauthorized access.

Samsung Galaxy S5 let’s you keep a check of your heart rate

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Right under the camera of your Samsung Galaxy S5, you can find a heart rate monitor. You can activate this heart rate monitor by pressing your thumb to the sensor and choose to measure your heart rate. This S health app will allow you to watch your heart rate, keeping you abreast with your heart’s functioning.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a larger screen as compared to Samsung Galaxy S4

Unlike its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S5 has a much larger screen of 5.25 inch. Also, the smartphone’s back is much more soft-textured, rendering pleasure in holding the device. People who have purchased Samsung Galaxy S5 are still disappointed with the hard-ridged plastic that is placed around the edge of the phone. This plastic coating still acts as a hindrance in enjoying the experience of holding the phone. Samsung Galaxy S5 screen has much purer whites and displays sharp text.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features

Samsung Galaxy S5 has some stand out features that were absent in S4 version. Fingerprint scanner linked to global PayPal deal, water resistance, dust resistance and Heart Rate monitor health app are some of the enticing features of this latest Samsung release. With an already existing “global partnership”, Samsung is thrilled to help people make payments via one of the most trusted payment modes namely PayPal.

Samsung Galaxy Battery Life

Unlike S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with an auto-fitted 2800mAH battery that is sufficient enough to work throughout the day, irrespective of data and talkage.

Samsung S5 Camera

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Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a 16MP rear camera that surpasses the expectations of people who love clicking pictures using their smartphones. Other impressive camera features available with this latest Samsung smartphone include 4K video recording, autofocus in up to 0.3 seconds, real time HDR, option to view a ‘live preview image’ and many more. In addition to all this, Samsung Galaxy S5 also comes with a selective focus option wherein you can easily capture images and change the focus later on. The focus can be changed in three ways viz: far, near and pan. So, whether you want to click selfies or group pictures, Samsung Galaxy S5 has the features that will allow you to do all this and more.

My Verdict

Well, there’s no doubt that the features and specs of Samsung Galaxy S5 are competent in offering an excellent user experience. If you feel the above-mentioned specs suit your requirements then you can simply go ahead with purchasing an S5 immediately. Personally, I’d recommended you to analyze your needs prior to going ahead with a purchase because in the end its you who’s going to carry and use the smartphone.

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