Is Samsung Hercules the new champ in the phone area?

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The Samsung Hercules is rumored as the powerhouse of smart phone. As the name suggests, the android for sure is going to create uproar in the market. And with news pouring in of this yet to discover cellphone, the features are a take away deal. It is indeed going to make a mark in the androids and Samsung would take a pride in being associated with it.

As reported by the onlookers, the mobile is believed to be a blend of Galaxy S2, Nexus S and Infuse. The set is going to take another month or so before hitting the market but we are not going to make you wait to state its expected features.

The Samsung Hercules comes with a giant Amoled screen of 4.5 inch with 400×800 display. Equipped with ANDROID 2.3 (Gingerbread), the cell phone comes with a dual core processor and Qualcomm 1.2GHz. The Hercules is capable of performing 4G activities with browsing and downloading features a lot more fun, faster and easier at hand. It supports the 1700 MHz 3G band and also the 1900 MHz 3G.

The incorporation of HSPA allows download for up to 42Mbps and upload for up to 5.76 Mbps. This is indeed remarkable and a dream come true for business users and android fans. All good things come to an end but not this giant revelation as it has more to show before making an appearance. It persists with 1 GB of RAM and not to mention 16 GB of internal storage.

NFC support and a micro SD card slot with 32 GB memory, extend the limit of storage capacity in the mobile, though the compatibility of NFC support has to be seen with the impending ISIS mobile payment standard.

The package becomes even more exciting with 8 megapixel camera and 2 mega pixel front facing camera. It can capture whooping 1080p videos too. And if this was not enough the package of 9.4mm also comes with a micro USB port using MHL. So you are just a step away from plugging in for TV-out. Another unique feature complimenting this smartphone is the inclusion of hidden radios for AT&T HSDPA.

Finally, the price tag says it all. It is considered to be hitting the market with over $350 price tag and hopefully it is going to be worth the deal. With competition on the rise the brands are indeed indulging in rat race. Each cell phone company wants to make a mark with a new model showcased on and off.

Apple is preparing for the launch of iPhone 5, RIMS has already launched the new Blackberry Bold with Torch and clearly so the Samsung Hercules has competition ahead. But undoubtedly Samsung Hercules will reach up to his name – tall and strong.

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