Microsoft Has Finally Answered Consumers With The Windows 7 Phone

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Windows has had a rocky start entering into the smartphone market with varying levels of success for each of their platforms, but their most recent Windows 7 Phone has allowed them to finally hit their stride. Here are just a few of the software and hardware features that make this smartphone a surprising standout.

1. Ergonomic Interface

It may be easy to turn on and off phones or answer calls with a single hand, but what about about surfing through Facebook while simultaneously flipping through songs? The Windows 7 Phone has continuously updating hubs, single touch changes to the homepage, and options to change between left-handed and right-handed use to swap through pages, apps, and programs.

2. More Provider Options

For any tech-savvy consumer looking to buy this phone, they can just hop into the nearest mobile provider store, no matter the company. Microsoft has setup plans to put this phone in all major provider’s stores. This is a huge benefit which cost other smartphones, such as the iPhone, years of sales due to the longterm contractual obligations of their customers. There is no need for any customer to prematurely break their contract and lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a hold of the Windows 7 Phone today.

3. Interconnectivity & Productivity

The Android and Apple marketplaces may have apps for the various Microsoft programs, but none quite compare to the Window 7 Phone’s connectivity. This phone can move seamlessly between Onenote, Powerpoint, and Word, automatically syncing the phone with the PC and keeping information safe and accessible on an external network. This is the ideal program to stay productive on the go.

4. Social Hubs

While Facebook and other social networking sites are on every smartphone around, Microsoft has finally given consumers exactly what they want. Similar to Droid’s widgets, social hubs update automatically and can be preset to only give particular notices about specific people. These hubs can be re-arranged in any manner possible on the multiple home screens to give the user the exact information that they want, when they want.

5. Bing Maps

Bing has taken their powerful search engine and social networking possibilities and applied it to a program which comes pre-installed on every Windows 7 Phone that leaves the store. This amazing app not only offers the basic maps and directions, it can keep people up-to-date with traffic accidents, offer alternative routes, zoom in to street level photos, notify users of nearby friends, offer business reviews, and can even give personalized suggestions on local eateries or businesses.

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