Microsoft OmniTouch – Too Much Too Soon?

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Across the Western world, tablet technology has captured the imagination of tech-savvy people. This has superseded the use of mobile phones as well as laptop computers, as people can combine all of these features in one. However, tablets are somewhat cumbersome, and Microsoft is already seeking to solve this issue with the OmniTouch. This exciting new technology, which has been developed with university professors, combines the Kinect technology that is prevalent on gaming platforms, with projection technology. The result is a device that features a small projector which is mounted on the shoulder, and displays information on any surface – be it the users’ skin, a desk, or the nearest wall. The amazing feature is that users can then manipulate the information that is projected by hand. That’s right – documents, email and games can all be manipulated regardless of the surface that they are projected on. Everything is now a touch screen.

Although this technology is still in the development stages, it seems more than likely that this is the future of communication and business. The projector, which is currently a little bit too bulky, is likely to shrink in size, and the touch options will invariably be developed to match this new change. The results are potentially revolutionary, as we will essentially become the technology. While this is exciting in a lot of ways, it does pose a few questions for the average technophile.

At what point will this technology be honed to the point at which thought controls all of these actions? A micro-chip in the brain could move a cursor across the glass of a pair of spectacles, and emails could be read to you through earphones. This may all seem a little bit far-fetched, but with the rapid advancement of technology, these cyborg qualities may not be too far off. The question then is why do we need all of this? It may lead to breakthroughs in the medical field, but I for one don’t think that we will be able to keep up with all of these changes. Technology itself is running the risk of overtaking our needs and interests.

This may seem a little too philosophical, and the OmniTouch is clearly a very promising device, but for now, maximizing the applications and functionality of tablet technology may serve you better. Master what you’ve got, and let technology grind out the gremlins before your body becomes a computer.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria.

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