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The mind is a powerful tool in the healing of one’s body and keeping the body healthy. Frequently the mind has more power then medicine. People can will themselves to die, as much as they can will themselves to become ill. Rarer, is the person who wills themselves to become healthy and stay healthy. If one can release the power of the mind, one can certainly control a great share of their body’s health and wellness, technology is failing.

Releasing the power of the mind may include some mind exercises such as, and not limited to meditation type exercises. Many times ones intuitive approach to a healthy body will out power the logical approach such as traditional medicine. Everyone has a spiritual inner power that when released can do great things in all facets of their life, such as, but not limited to work and personal life.

These mind processes include stress management (mind health), mental focus (mind health), inner spiritual awakening (mind health), bio-feed back (mind health), and emotional focus (mind health).

If one does not have a healthy mind, they are not going to have a healthy body. A person is not a whole healthy person without a healthy mind. The mind has a definite bearing on one’s physical health. If the mind is ill, the body will be ill. Most times people are not aware of the power of the mind and what their mind is capable of doing.

Having a strong focus on what needs to be healed is half the battle. This takes training and skills, but if one were trained in mind health, there are unlimited powers in the mind to be unleashed.

One can control their thought process to be either negative or positive forces. Positive forces are going to heal one’s self and keep that person healthy. This healthy mind set is going to be noticed in job productivity and personal home life. The person will experience a more fulfilling life when their body and mind is in balance and running on the positives. An open, healthy mind can solve perplexing problems, where technology may fail.

This in itself is going to increase one’s job performance. A healthy mind opens up the mind towards a more effective thinking process. Things are turned upside down these days and more people run to the effectiveness of technology when there is a problem, and this is not good.

In many ways technology is creating more problems for society, and many times all technology does is to cover the existing problem and not eliminate the problem. For example, someone has back pain so they are given a prescription of a pain pill. The modern technology of medicine will take the pain away, but it does nothing for the underlying problem on what is causing the back pain to begin with, and most times creates more problems.

Nature is a great driving force to answer some of life’s problems vs. technology that most times covers up the problem. While society has come a long way in technology and it is not all bad, but we rely too much on technology to have the answer for all problems many face.

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