Mobile Phone Insurance Traps to Avoid

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If you’ve just purchased yourself a brand new smartphone with all of the latest bells and whistles on it then one of the smartest things you can do is get yourself a mobile phone insurance policy. A brand new and top of the line mobile phone can be extremely expensive, costing upwards of £200 or £300 at times, and if you lose it or damage it in any way, the last thing you want to ever have to do is replace it out of pocket. This can be a major setback financially, if you ever have to do it. Or worse yet, you don’t have the funds to replace it and you’re stuck with no phone. With contracts that last between twelve and thirty-six months you’re not always at a point where you can get a good deal on a new phone simply by upgrading or renewing your plan.

As useful as mobile phone insurance is however (and trust me, it is), there are a few things you want to be aware of before you sign just any mobile phone insurance contract.

Avoid Your Service Provider’s Insurance Plans

That’s right. Your service provider might offer you the ability to get your phone insured with them but it’s a trap. They are often over-costed and don’t offer the range of services and coverage that private firms who specialise in mobile phone insurance could. And private firms can usually offer a better deal.

Pay Attention To The Time Scale You Get For Replacement Or Repair

Many companies just don’t offer speedy repair or replacement services when making a mobile claim. This can leave you without a phone for a long time which, in this day, when many people rely on their mobile phones as their primary phone, can be a problem. You want to get covered by a company that will service your claim and your phone, as fast as possible.

Don’t Assume That Home Insurance Provides The Mobile Device Coverage You Need

Many home insurance policies will cover your mobile devices. Nifty, right? So you don’t need mobile insurance then? Well, consider this: many home policies will only cover your mobile phone if it was in the house when damage, theft, or loss occurred. And if you’re like most of us, you’re carrying your phone with you when you travel places. Uh-oh! Companies that specialise in gadget insurance offer you the ability to protect your phone when you’re away from home.


Getting your phone covered with a reliable and affordable insurance plan is crucial to ensuring the safety of your mobile device. Still, you need to be aware that not every plan is created equal. Mobile service providers often overcharge and undercover your phones. Not all companies offer claim servicing in a time-frame that’s relevant to you either. Also, some people think home insurance is enough to cover their devices but don’t realise this coverage applies only if the item was at home. This is why you should work with reliable mobile insurance providers like Protect Your Bubble to ensure that your devices are always protected at a price you can afford!


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