New mobile phone specs from the different producers

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As much as industry standards are prevalent in the mobile phone industry, each of the mobile phone providers seems to carve an angle into the market with a unique specialisation.

Sony has launched a product range which excels in raw aesthetics, especially in the mid-range/affordable bracket. For those who want a phone they can be proud of but are reluctant to shell out for the new iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Sony Xperia range could be just the ticket.

The Xperia U, Xperia P and Xperia S ascend in quality in that order, with the S marketed as a rival to the super phones. The P and U are very competent mid-range phones which feature a market-grabbing gimmick of a transparent strip running across the bottom of the phone, which interacts with the phone’s interface.

HTC seem to have put a similar emphasis on aesthetics, with the new HTC One X set to rival any phone on the market. The One X is so slim as to be an exemplary piece of modern technology, of the type that would blow the minds of our recent forefathers. For a phone that slim to produce that kind of performance and image is a wonder of modern science, and a benchmark for other producers to follow. The One X receives rave reviews across the board, and is a serious alternative to the accepted major brands.

Most modern high end phones are quad core, large screen (4 inches+), and have an 8 mega pixel camera. From there it’s often a case of personal taste. The new Orange San Diego goes slightly against the grain as Europe’s first phone to have an Intel chip. It’s a low budget offering with high end spec that demonstrates how far the market has moved along in recent times.

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