Philips 40PFL8664H LED LCD TV Review

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This is one of the sexiest looking LCD TVs to have come up in the market. Ultra slim and ultra chic is what this TV stands for. Having a profile of just under 4 cms, the TV fits well into any surrounding and merges itself beautifully with all sorts of spaces. Be it the sporty interiors of a sports bar or the modernistic apartment- the Philips 40PFL8664H LED LCD TV is suited to all occasions! With a stylish Black bezel, a transparent finish and a V-shape shaft- the Philips 40PFL8664H LED LCD TV is an attractive piece of gadgetry.

The remote of the TV in itself is a piece of art. The remote has a matte finish, is curved at the right places, has chrome, metal and gloss all over (but in the right proportions)- making it an integral part of the TV itself. The remote, however, lacks some basic functional keys, but the attractive design and the chic outward appearance make up for most of these shortcomings. The TV has a good number of connectivity options to various HD sources. Having 4 HD inputs and 6 PC sockets does make it a good scorer when it comes to connectivity, but there could have been more inlets provided. Nevertheless, the inputs are enough to suffice as of now.

The interface is a interesting and a well managed one, indeed. The interface has a number of user options, from Watch TV to Setup to Browse USB- the screen is colourful, has a number of icons and is well balanced to a great user experience.

A 100 MHZ processor and a fast refresh rate make the images clearer and sharper. The 4 trillion colour processing capabilities and the capabilities to process HD in true sense make motion picture viewing an amazing experience- all thanks to the Pixel Precise technology to have been introduced by Philips.

The Net TV is another feature that allows users to browse through the internet and places like YouTube etc- giving an all new definition to TV viewing. In all, with the features that the Philips 40PFL8664H LED LCD TV Entails, it is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a sexy LCD TV that performs!

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