Prevent Missing Calls with Virtual PBX Telephone Systems

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Virtual PBX telephone systems are among the few communication tools which can perform their duties without stopping, adapting to the always-on presence demanded of everybody today. Communication data are sent and received 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a virtual phone system ensures that your business does not miss any calls. Below are some features that help make sure all calls are answered promptly:

• Virtual Receptionist – When you are in the middle of a company meeting, it is impossible to attend to an incoming call. This is where the virtual receptionist comes in handy. This feature common to virtual PBX telephone systems answers every call promptly, preventing dropped calls and the frustration of customers. This ensures that you can still attend to callers although you are busy with another business task.

• Voicemail – Even the most basic phone plan has voicemail. For a business phone system, it gets upgraded. Users are able to access their messages from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This is a very important feature which catches callers you are not able to accommodate. It is best to subscribe to a service provider that sends push notifications to your email account and mobile number. This way, you can return urgent and important calls as soon as possible. Voicemail messages are stored different ways. They are forwarded to your voicemail inbox, sent to your email inbox or both. These options also help facilitate a better flow of communication in your business.

• Call Forwarding – Virtual PBX telephone systems also provide a way for your callers to reach you when you are out of the office through call forwarding. This communication feature routes calls to your existing phone numbers to ensure that you can be reached wherever you are.

Missing a call is detrimental to any business, since it leads to possible loss of profit and business deals. Fortunately, companies that have phone service with virtual PBX do not have to worry about missing calls because of the advanced features that ensure calls are not missed and customers are always attended to.

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