Review of Asus Eee pad Transformer

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At the only cost price of $400, Asus Eee pad Transformer is providing you the cheap and affordable price of any Honeycomb tablet. As well, it has some great features which make it a striking choice such as its High-Quality display and fairly low-priced keyboard/port.

There are some things which maintain the Transformer from totally drive us crazy: the uneven soundtrack and playback of the camcorder; its razor-sharp limits; a manufacture excellence that is rather missing; and difficulties that occur when wharf.

With Asus Eee Pad Transformers you can get cheap cost price, excellence Honeycomb tablet with effective features.EeePad_Transformer_Dock

Tablets are not easy to sell it to most of the individuals, but the thing makes it more attractive and valuable is the price factor. This is quite cheap comparing to others. The cheaper it is (with no being too less to increase doubtful of class); the most of the shopper are keen to division with their cash.

The 16 GB, Wi-Fi- only side of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is the Low priced Honey comb tablet on the stores only in the cast price of $400 and weaken the lowest cost Ipad2 by $100. But, what surrender did Asus construct to get it that short?

Yet before powering up the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, we were hit by its broader-then-normal right and left bezel, every calculating about 1.1 inches. Comparing to that it is a much broader then the Motorola Xooms 0.5- inch bezel.we also become aware of that the Transformer is the greatest if the new generation of tablets, calculating a complete 10.7 inches in thickness contrast with the Xooms 9.8 inches. Not mistaking, this is a huge tablet; it’s the major Honeycomb tablet you will ever see, that is reality

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