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The Ace is Samsung’s latest attempt at a mid range Android phone and comes in at slightly below the £200 mark, pushing it into HTC Wildfire territory. The device itself is entering a market that is to become saturated with devices in the coming months, so does it stand out?

review-samsung-galaxy-aceThe phone itself looks lovely, with its aluminium casing and its general shape. It is smaller and actually feels nicer in the hand than the iPhone 4. Its rubber back helps with this as it really gives grip and a sense of comfort. It’s also quite light and weighs in at about 113g, though its 3.5 in screen is still sizeable.

The screen itself is not as good quality as the Super AMOLED screens we see on the Samsung Galaxy SII; the Ace has to make do with a LCD that has a resolution of 320×480 – nothing near that of the Galaxy SII. However it is a nice screen, all being said.

On the other side the battery life of the Ace is insanely good, unlike that of the AMOLED kind and most smart phones for that matter and it is possible to get 2 days from the phone with both Wi-Fi and GPS switched on.

Inside the phone has an 800MHz processor and uses Android 2.2 Froyowith Samsung’s own TouchWiz on top. This leads to a relatively speedy performance when being used to perform tasks. The browser on the Samsung though is something to write home about and is quick and responsive and a lesson for other medium range phones to learn from. However it doesn’t play Flash as it is not powerful enough – a big disappointment.

It does allow a 3G connection, which can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and comes with a 7.2HSDPA connection for even faster 3G. It also comes with a 5mp camera, which is quite good and up there with numerous top of the range phone’s cameras. This all works well and you get 2GB of storage via a micro SD, upgradable to more if you need it.

All in all, the Ace is a lovely mid priced phone, with little to complain about and a few nice little accessories to shout about. It looks stylish and could certainly be mistaken for a top end phone. A good effort from Samsung and a good little device.

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