Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 Vs Micromax Canvas A116 HD

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Vs Micromax A116 Canvas HD

So lastly the two most expected mid-range gadgets are here- The Micromax Canvas HD and the New Samsung Galaxy Grand. Since these gadgets were declared, a lot of individuals had been awaiting our evaluation between both these mobile phones. The New Samsung Galaxy Grand has been for promoting since a while now, but the Micromax Canvas HD was just put for promoting a few times returning and has been promoting in huge figures.

Though both these gadgets vary on a lot of factors, first of all, there is a cost distinction of Rs.7,500 between them. The New Samsung Galaxy Grand sells for about Rs.21,500 in the Native indian industry whereas the Micromax Canvas HD is available (or at least, is cost at) at Rs.13,999. Secondly, the Micromax Canvas HD is operated by a 1.2GHz MediaTek MT6589 quad-core CPU whereas the Samsung Galaxy Grand only functions a 1.2GHz Broadcom BCM28155 dual-core CPU under the bonnet. Another essential distinction is the display quality on both these gadgets, as the Canvas HD functions a 5-inch HD (720p) show whereas the Samsung Galaxy Grand has a 5-inch WVGA show, which seemed quite poor on-paper, but genuinely after trying out the unit, it looks quite amazing and does not experience pixillated at all. Also, in our viewpoint the shades were more stunning on the Samsung Galaxy Grand show in contrast to the Micromax Canvas HD.

The on-paper requirements clearly indicate that the Micromax Canvas HD is a better choice in most of the factors. But do not depend the Samsung Galaxy Grand out yet, as the New Samsung Galaxy Grand has a few factors going in it’s benefit as well. First of all, the product itself which is more recognized even in the Native indian industry in contrast to Micromax. Arms down, the after revenue from New samsung cannot be in comparison to what Micromax has to provide at the moment.The New Samsung Galaxy Grand features of better, 8GB inner storage space in contrast to just 4GB on the Micromax Canvas HD.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy Grand has conducted quite well in all our assessments and the game playing capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Grand are more than amazing for a smart phone at this price. The photographic camera performance on the unit is quite good, as on most other New samsung gadgets wearing an 8 mega-pixel photographic camera. We would still hold our reasoning about the Micromax Canvas HD until we’re out with our game playing and photographic camera analyze on the unit.

In our Standard comparison assessments, the Micromax Canvas HD blew away the New Samsung Galaxy Grand as it obtained 13133 factors while the Samsung Galaxy Grand handled to ranking just 6870, but the real life performance of both these gadgets does not vary by much and the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Grand is quite fast and only seems a tad-bit more slowly than the Canvas HD. The Samsung Galaxy Grand surpasses the Micromax Canvas HD in the Nenamark2 benchmark analyze but that is due to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Grand functions a lower quality (480 x 800 pixel) show in contrast to the Canvas HD, which functions a 720p show. It is due to the same reason, that the Samsung Galaxy Grand is neck-to-neck with the Canvas HD in Quadrant Standard as well, where it ratings 3766 factors and the Canvas HD controls to ranking 3803 factors.

Both the mobile phones run on Android operating system 4.1 Jam Vegetable but we’ll give New samsung the advantage here, because  of it’s TouchWiz UI which delivers along functions like pop up perform, immediate contact, multiple screen and most of all an integrated process administrator. You are sure to skip this benefits in the Canvas HD.

Leaving the cost aside for a second, it can be quite challenging to pick which one is the better smart phone as the actual life performance on both the unit seems quite identical. But, with a cost distinction of about Rs.7,500, one will most probably move towards the Micromax Canvas HD due to the point that it is cost reduced and provides better on-paper requirements. That being said, you would absolutely skip the improvement that the New Samsung Galaxy Grand has. We know that it’s quite challenging for you to pick which is the better smart phone, but one factor which we can tell you for sure is that that you cannot go incorrect with either of the unit.

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